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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ming Ji Shao La

I chanced upon this roasted delights stall when I was on job in Jurong IBP (International Business Park) when one of their lunch buses will fetch the white collars over to the nearby coffeeshop for lunch in Toh Guan Road. It was one of their favourite "hotspot" for Roasted Meat during then.

Ming Ji Shao La
Many years past and I had revisited this place recently at their non peak hours on a Sunday evening yet I'm still recalling those scenes where long queues lined up beside the stall.

The facade and stall location seemed to be what I had seen few years ago and nothing had changed, perhaps the ambiance was little more than what I had expected. Songs in the 80s were heard playing in the background creating a relaxing place to dine and slowing down the pace on a Sunday.

3 Combinations of meat
Roasted meat with Char Siew had been placed on a plate. Sweet sticky black sauce was scooped and covered the top portion of those thinly sliced barbaecued meat, the texture was inviting and was not too hard to bite on. What I like best about these meat was that they were not that oily.

Combination Platter
We had the drums portion from the roasted duck. The meat was not too "old" and the layer of roasted skin was indeed very tasty. Yums!

Roasted Duck
They were very generous with the sauce and had given us an extra bowl to drench the roasted meats as well as our pure white rice.

Sweet Gravy
Another bonus dining at Ming Ji Shao La is its soup which compliment the meal well. Pork ribs was given and soup was boiled to taste with herbs as well as dates, thus adding sweetness.

Herbal Soup
For additional kick, remember to dab the meat on the fragrant and spicy chilli.
And here's the meal for two!
Meal for 2
Considering the price that we had paid for, they were relatively reasonable. Giving such portion with a drum portion of the roasted duck, it could easily cost more than $15 if we were dining else where. If your expectation isnt that high, this could simply fit one's bill for its price and portion.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Ming Ji Shao La
Location: Toh Guan Food & Drink Centre, Blk 282A, Toh Guan Road Singapore 601282

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