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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Daisy's Dream Kitchen

My interest of peranakan food had increased ever since the Xiao Niang Re show went viral past few years back. The combination of chinese & malay cuisine into a uniquely blend has drawn Pernakan Cuisine as one of my top favourites.

Ambience was pretty neat and clean with purple as its theme color. Sofa seating PVC covers are dark purple while ceiling is painted in light purple. The cashier counter table seems pleasant and orientated.

This five spice meat balls are sufficiently tasty especially with a light tap of sweet sauce. Decorated with the chinese parsley in the bowl of 6 meat balls makes an outstanding dish out of the browish balls. Chunks of chestnut bites can be felt as we bite through the minced pork/fish meat balls. A total indulgence from Peranakan Cuisine.

Ngoh Hiang - $8
Daisy's mum winning recipe, the squid ink sotong. Freshly cook in squid ink, the sotong were tender and tasted good. Portion was generous with sotong ladled with viscous black sauce.

Squid Ink Sotong - $12
One of the staples in Peranakan Cuisine that we cannot leave the place without is their Babi Buah Keluak, the indonesian black nut dish that tasted like black bean paste. The dish has a noticeable thickness and married well with the keluak. What's more the meat was tender, what a mouth watering dish! We added more nuts to cater to our share and Daisy's Dream Kitchen had actually did a good job by cracking it open and leaving a big opening for us to insert the spetula and consume them.

Babi Buah Keluak - $12
Another dish recommended by Daisy's Kitchen was their Sayur Lodeh. A lontong replica lessing out the rice cakes. Savoury Goodness.

Sayur Lodeh
Asam chicken was inviting! Love its thick and rich gravy which has a good sense of sweet, sour and spiciness in it.

Asam Chicken
In Peranakan Cuisine, servings are small but every dish takes long hours to be prepared. The food from them tasted more than average with reasonable price. Service wise, they were very attentive to customer needs. I will be back again for more!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Daisy's Dream Kitchen
Location: Blk 517, West Coast Road, #01-571 Singapore 120517

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