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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ah Meng

Craving for some cheap and traditional Snacks? Try heading down to Hong Lim Food Centre for some speciality made ondeh ondeh as well as tapioca kueh.

Ah Meng Stall
 Every ball was hand rolled by the store keepers and when I was there there was a pot still boiling this orangy sweet potato ondeh ondeh. Just like the traditional style, these box of Ondeh Ondeh was dressed with white fluffy shredded coconut which gave a stronger fragrance to those balls.

Ondeh Ondeh in a box
Becareful as we press and chew on the ondeh ondeh as one may encounter the piping hot fillings from oozing out make up of Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar). These lovely chewy Ondeh Ondeh were not too sweet to taste and were definitely addictive.

Ondeh Ondeh
Another note worthy item is their special made tapioca kueh. Similar to the Ondeh Ondeh, these white shredded coconut clanged onto the rectangular pieces of translucent tapioca kueh.

Tapioca Kueh

Abit firmer than Japanese Mochi but they were as good as the Ondeh Ondeh, simply addictive! They were chewy and satisfying with little sweetness and not too cloying even after having few pieces. Dont judge the book by its cover, such simple and plain looking kuehs are delicious!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Ah Meng
Location: Hong Lim Food Centre & Market, 531A, Upper Cross Street #02-45 Singapore 051531

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