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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Monster Curry - Food Republic

As I walked into the bustling mall in Somerset 313 on a Friday night, I was rather lost as I usually find it quite difficult to secure a seat whenever I dine alone.I decided to give the food court a try and was surprised that there were still a number of seats available, perhaps, I still quite early for dinner.

The usual cuisines from Food Court had bored me till I walked a few rounds in Food Republic, it was until I noticed Monster Curry and decided to walk closer to that area. The bright lited menu and the mock dishes on display had caught my attention, what's more, they had bar counter dining which fit me most as it was hassle free finding another table.

Monster Curry - Tokyo Pasta Mario Ramen Udon Gyoza
Though Monster Curry was lauded for their Japanese curry rice where patrons get to choose the spice level of the curry, I decided to order something else and that was their pasta.

Having glancing through the 4 kinds of pasta categories, namely tomato, Miso cream, Mentaiko and Japanese style based, I had the most traditional choice with the tomato sauce pasta. I did not have too much expectation since the stall main focus / signature dishes was its curry and especially when I saw people carrying mega-sized plates of curry rice around.

Menu at Monster Curry
Upon ordering, customers were given an alarm so that they can return to the counter when the food is ready.

Buzzer / Alarm for Customer

Ingredients used were from Italy and that includes their pasta, tomato, olive oil as well as Italian salt. My portion of sphagetti was served with a big bowl with pasta contained in sunken portion of it.

Chicken, Mushroom & Broccoli Tomato Sauce - $6.80
Surprisingly, the pasta was cooked to Al Dente perfection which totally wiped off the thought that they were only good at Curry. 

Tomato Sauce were consistently spreaded the soften but firm sticks of spaghetti, I was impressed by how well the taste went with chicken, mushroom, broccoli altogether sprinkled with cheese powder. The strong fragrant of its mushroom had raised the standards of the dish.Yums!

Closer look of Spaghetti
Given the chance to dine in two or more, I dont mind trying out their curry in the next round given since I find that the level of spiciness is kind of interesting.

Rating: 4 / 5

Monster Curry - Food Republic
Location: 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road #05-01 Singapore 238895

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