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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Madee Thai

This is one of the many times we had Thai Cuisine during lunch hours from Madee Thai.  Making advance reservation is always our practice so as to minimize the waiting time. What's more, with reservation, there is no need to adopt the use of Tissue-Chopping tables method. It's all done up for us.

A bowl of Tom Yum Soup was definitely a good start to whet our appetite! It's tangy, sour and spicy after taste was the best out of all. For me the level of spiciness was still bearable with "shiokness". lending your sweat drops dripping. If you ask me, its definitely worth a little BO and do not forget about your tissues.

Seafood Tom Yam

Soft fluffy omelette felt so at home. Another perfect choice during lunch! Totally love it!
Egg Omelette

Pandan Chicken, however was abit of lacking in fragrance and marinating sauce wasnt as intensive. Nevertheless, it still tasted good with our bowls of plain white rice.

Pandan Chicken

Opted for minced pork in combination of the brinja dish. Soften and spongy in every bite, the cook was skilled enough without turning the dish into sogginess. Estimated use of heat and timing was just nice.

Brinja with Minced Pork

A definite value for money meal compared to dining in the nearby mall for Thai Cuisine if you want to save your pocket a little skipping the additional extra service charges and taxes.

Total Cost: $28 (Consisting of 4 dishes and 4 white rice)

Rating: 3.5 / 5
Madee Thai
Location: Bgain 727 Eating House, Blk 727 Clementi West St 2 #01-294, Singapore 127627

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