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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Siam Deli By Daily Culture

A few articles back, we had already mentioned about the Ayam Pengang by Indonesian Express and this Thai Cuisine is located at the same stretch of shops, perhaps a walk of 30 seconds away.

The exterior of the Siam Deli was adorn with authentic Thai Decor - the wooden sculptures featuring two Thai lady with palms facing each other in prayer mode that somehow relates the usual greetings from a Thai, "Sawadee ka", a form of saying Hello or Welcome to guests. 

Siam Deli
 Look at the counter, just by a look of it, you will know that its a Thai Restaurant.

The daily set meals were the most economical ones for individual dining as it comes with a plate of main dish and a bowl of clear Tom Yum Soup. A top up of $3 allow customers to enjoy a portion of their desert or a can of drink.

The Kway Teow Portion looks greasy however with the given lime juice, it will enhance the meal giving off a refreshing taste in the dish.

Fried Kway Tiaow Set - $6.50 (Set)

Grated green mango was used with fish sauce added in their dressing. These mangoes were firm  mixed with roasted peanuts, dried shrimps, onions and bird's eyes chilli. Crunchy and a very good appetizer to start the meal.

Mango Salad - $5
Chicken Fried Rice was ordinary, the usual seen of egg fried rice. However, its hard to catch sight of any chicken meat among those rice grains.

Chicken Fried Rice - $5

Like the Fried Kway Teow, beansprouts are given raw. Grated peanuts and beansprouts were segregated from the noodles, a good mix altogether had given out a sweet fragrance from the meal.
Not a bad choice though!

Chicken Phad Thai with Tom Yum Soup - $6.50 (Set)

The minced pork dish was strongly infused with the fragrance of Basil Leaves. Very good to go with our plain rice especially. Other than minced meat and rice, a fried egg was given and placed on top of the fragrant white rice.

Basil Chicken with Rice - $6.50 (Set)

Unwrapped the greased pandan leaves that had cuddled the marinated chicken within. You will notice that those leaves were so dry that it was torn easily. Pack with some charred tastes, these meat was tender and goes quite well with the meal. Personally, I felt that the sweet and sour chilli provided would have "killed" the original taste of these chicken, therefore I gave them a skip.

Pandan Chicken - $2 / Piece

Shiok! The clear Tom Yum Soup is tasty, comes with a slice of tomato, mushroom and fish with cut lemon grass added. Both fragrance and spiciness balance out well, refreshing!
Tom Yum Soup Clear Version that comes with Set

Overall, I find that the food is better than average perhaps the only rant I had is that they had to improve in the serving speed. But on the contrary, all good things come to those who wait. :). Price is relatively reasonable, what's more no service charge or GST is required.

Rating: 4 / 5

Siam Deli
Location: Blk 517, West Coast Road, #01-563 Singapore 120517

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