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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Delcie's Cakeshop is first and only bakery (2011, 2012, 2013) in Singapore that is awarded with the Healthier Choice Bakery Certification by Health Promotion Board.Tucked at one corner among the vegetarians and organic eateries in Fortune Centre, I came to know Delcie's through the local Television program.

It's a good choice for strict vegetarian  who wants to enjoy cake as they do not contain any eggs or diary product. Their cakes were baked naturally without any artificial content. What's more, they are allergy and diabetic friendly which is nutritious and sinless.

Delcie at Fortune Centre
Cakes were packed in a fun packaging like this which reminds me of McDonald's Happy Meal. Wordings on the cupboard had also emphasized that their cakes and desserts are organic, egg-free, diary free, diabetic friendly and guilt free.

Food Packaging

When I walked towards their display panels and noticed the price of their cakes, I had a shocked of my life. What? $11 for a piece of cake? I was hesitant but end up buying as I wanted to give it a try. To think back, since they are using all natural ingredients, this is probably why it was priced differently.

There was only one piece left and I thought shouldn't rainbow colors are of a lighting shades than these dark colors. Just like the rainbow, the cake was make up of 7 colors with a thin layer of cream in between each layer.

The first bite of it gave a big frown on both our faces. If you ever tried the chinese Huat Kueh (Brown Color), they tasted just like one. They were not sweet but rather bitter in between.

Rainbow Cake - $11

Black forest cakes were make up of berries jam ath the top layer with cream between the layers as well. While the rainbow cake tastes almost tasteless, this was the reversed. We agreed that the cake was way too sweet for us to handle. Yet another disappointment, 2 hit combo!

Black Forest Cake - $8

Perhaps I'm not really use to cakes without eggs nor I had sweet tooth for its Black Forest Cake. We felt shortchange by the quality and standards. They were not our cup of tea. We had bought an experience and its enough.

Rating: 1 / 5


Location:  Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Road #01-28B, Singapore 188979
Business Hours: 10.30am-6pm daily

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