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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Richie's Crispy Puff

Richie's Cripsy Puff which is located in Jurong East operates around the clock. Yes! 24 hrs and I'm not kidding. They offer an interesting spread of variety ranging from the traditional chicken curry puff to durian.

Stall Front

Their puff comes in a standard size different from the typical ones (half an oval shape), like those from Old Chang Kee. The crust was fried to perfection brown and was very crispy. Sold for $2.40 for 2, customer can feel free to match any 2 flavours at the pricing. The selling point of Richie's puff is its delicate handmade craftwork on each and every puff. With such method, they have more control over the quality, thus its crispiness is of a different levels unlike the others.

Chicken Curry Puff - 2 for $2.40

The fillings comprised of egg, noticeable chicken chunks, mixed well in the fragrant curry flavou. The curry was a little big mild for me, for those who do not like too much spice, this may fit the bill.

Fillings of Chicken Curry Puff
Muslims pal out there, no worries, this stall is Halal Certified. What's more this is a good place to look out for snack when hunger pangs in the middle of the night where most eateries are already closed for the day. Perfect for Morning shifts or night shifts workers too!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Richie's Curry Puff
Location: Blk 349, Jurong East Ave 1 #01-1201 Singapore 63455225

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