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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Canton-I @ JB

Canton-I belongs to the same eatery group as i-Dragon had share some similarities in their menu. Perhaps you had heard of Canton-I in Singapore, there is also a similar outlet located in the bustling JB City Square mall. Canton-i occupies a unit at the 3rd level just a few footsteps away from i-Dragon, serving a decent fare of authentic Hong Kong delicacies.

Due to the good exchange rate between Singapore Dollars and Malaysian Ringgit, the mall can be seen packed with mostly Singaporean during the weekends and public holidays.

Canton-I Johor Bahru City Square
Shop Front

Interior design was chic and modern with a open concept kitchen where diners get to enjoy a good view of the chefs in the kitchen.

Canton-I Johor Bahru City Square
Dining Environment

Canton-I Johor Bahru City Square
Dining Set
Especially when Caton-I is specialised in Hong Kong delicacies, it is rather hard for us to go wrong with Dim Sum and Roasted meat.Unfortunately for us, some of the hot selling items like Chee Cheong Fun and Egg Tarts were out of stock during our visit.

The BBQ pork pastries was glossy at the exterior sprinkled with sesame seeds on its top. The layers of its case was delicate and flaky which wrapped up those chopped sweet tasty BBQ bits well.

Canton-I BBQ Pork Pastries
BBQ Pork Pastries - RM 4.00

The congee was cooked to perfection and was milky in color, tasted like having some paste, silky smooth! Accompanied by shredded dried scallops,it gave some sweetness to the bowl of plain congee.

Canton-I Congee
Braised Peanuts - RM 2.00, Plain Congee - RM - 4.00

The drink was tasted different with the bigger grains of barley (chinese barley) used boiled together with dates. 

Canton-I Barley
Dates with Barley - RM 5.00
Come 3 in a tray,  these Siew Mai were topped with bright orange fish roes.
Canton-I Siew Mai
Siew Mai - RM 6.80
Siew Mai were just one of the common dishes we would order in a Dim Sum Feast. Amount of shrimps were substantial and meat was rather bouncy.

Canton-I Siew Mai
Siew Mai

The purple with white twirls on the custard buns had somehow stole my attention. It was purple as they had incorporated flavours of Taro but for taste wise, it was too mild and had gone unnoticed.  I just cant wait to tear it apart and enjoy the golden flow of the custard oozing out of the bun.

Canton-I Steamed Custards Buns
Steamed Custard Buns - RM 6.80

The salted egg yolk custard fillings were good, comparable to the good ones I had in Singapore.

Canton-I Steamed Custards Buns
As I was served with the plate of BBQ delicacies, I thought that it was very messy in the presentation. My first taste of the roasted delights had totally wipe off my thought of the first impression from the dish. Truly Hong kong, I would say. The roasted meat was smokey in taste, roasted duck was succulent while BBQ Pork (Char Siew) were thick and clear fatty meats were found from them, just like what we had in Hong Kong. Accompanied by 3 sides, slices of crunchy Japanese cucumber, roasted peanuts as well as Tau Gua. I would prefer more braised sauce, however this is not the usual cantonese style.

Canton-I BBQ Platter
Combination Platter (2 Kinds) - BBQ Pork and Roasted Duck - RM 28.00
 For once, let us forget about the calories and stuffs, let's dig and enjoy every part of the BBQ flavours.

Canton-I BBQ Pork Char Siew
Fatty Char Siew

Soft tender chicken feet was good, completed with a little spinciness from the cut chilli with a bit salty tasting from the braised peanuts and black beans.

Canton-I Steamed Chicken Feet
Steamed Chicken Feed - RM 6.80

My visit to their affilate restaurant, I-Dragon was quite disappointing and I was told to try out their Dim Sum instead. So far after trying out them at Canton-I, I cant agree more that it does really lives up to name sake "Truly Hong Kong". There was no compromise in quality when comes to the food served.

Service wise, I would say that their servers were rather on the ball. Emptied dishes were cleared very soon after we finished the food.

In short, Canton-I is a must go for Dim Sum Lovers if you are shopping near the malls and taking into consideration of the exchange rates.

Rating: 4 / 5

Location: Lot No. J3-05, Level 3 Johor Bahru City Square (Office Tower) 106-108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook 80000 Johor Bahru


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