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Monday, November 25, 2013

Ocean Restaurant, Dine by the aquarium

The idea of dining in Ocean Restaurant has been in my back of mind for a long time since I had visited the World Largest Aquarium since February this year but was turned down by the restaurant due to overwhelming responses - their seating were full.

Fortunately, my wish was granted when I received some RWS wining meal vouchers through a lucky draw by a Bank.

Probably due to its novelty of dining by the side of the world largest aquarium, it was rather hard to grab its dinner slot, thus we had confirmed dining during the lunch hours instead.

Entrance is located at basement carpark, for those who are not driving and not entering the aquarium, they can actually hop onto the buggy to get there. But if you are visiting the S.E.A Aquarium, you can access the entrance via there.

Ocean Restaurant

My favourite color is blue and naturally I'm drawn to such beautiful environment especially when the interior was filled with ocean blue as its backdrop.

Walkways and dining area
Enticed by the dining environment and its spectacular view, everyone of us would have take out their mobile and had great pictures by the side of the glass panels.

For snapshots

How beautiful and amazing ambience with school of fishes swam across my vision at intervals. Having dine beside such view was a life enjoyment, perhaps better than any sky dining experience. Ups for the ambiance!


Dining set was already lined up on the table with the napkin rolled up. Just shortly we had seated, the servers showed their professions by placing the napkins onto our laps.

Ocean Restaurant Dining Set
Dining Set and Corals
The seats were rather limited and may be one of the difficult reasons for us to do a reservation.

Ocean Restuarant Interior

Dining Environment

For the non alcoholic beverages, we had a glass of Ice Lemon Tea and Cranberry Juice to pair our lunch.
Ice Lemon Tea & Cranberry Juice

Fried Pork Seafood Roulade was yummy and reminds me of a cut section from Ngoh Hiong. Looks like a fusion of chinese and french cuisine. It was fried to golden brown crisp,  made up of chicken egg yolk, sweet muscat vinaigrette and ginger oil. The roll packed a crunchy noise in every bite with the chestnuts fillings. the only let down of this dish was that the vinaigrette sprinkled on the appetizer was miserable.

Fried Pork Seafood Roulade - $24
When it felt wrong and ironical to have Sashimi with the live fishes swimming in front of you. It's just like telling the fishes "Look! I'm eating your pals!"

The pieces of yellow tail (hamichi) was prepared with Sake Mirin Emuslion. While I'm searching for wasabi, there was none and I found out that they tastes great even without those spicy raddish. The dish was rather refreshing with citrus juice from the grapefruit. Texture of the dish was enhanced by adding Avruga Caviar & pink radish ice.

Yellow Tail Sashimi - $24

Braised Boneless Wagyu was paried with celeriac Puree, Sauteed Mushroom and Caramelized Oat meal. Flawlessly prepared, the meat was crispy at the exterior with even wellness and filled with juiciness as I chewed. Light & satisfying indeed.

Braised Boneless Wagyu Short Ribs - $35
Slow cooked salmon was adorned by the popping fish orange roes on the small slab of rolled up salmon accompanied by cauliflower tempura, cream cauliflower and hazel nuts. The salmon was put under fire in slow process in such that the meat of the inner and outer was consistently cooked. It tasted abit raw and abit cooked. Just like the wellness of the beef, medium well.

Slow Cooked Salmon - $34
Finally, the WoW reactions had come out from me. We looked at the desserts with wide opened eyes, it never disappoint. Vacherin had textures of Strawberry with Creme Fraiche. Presentation was lovely as it seems, just too bad that the portion was small.

Vacherin - $22
Mont Blanc make up of hazelnut Meringue, Chestnut Paste and Vanilla Ice Cream. Artistically designed with a cross pattern with golden glittering color drawn on the plate which makes the dessert stands up and live up to its namesake. 

Mont Blanc - $22
Overall, I find that Ocean Restaurant Food was not as bad as I had read, I find them quite ok with a surprised in the desserts. How about it's service? Perhaps their service had improved over time, they were prompt in clearing away the emptied plates.  For fine dining in Singapore, I find that it is a norm to be costly and if not for the winning meal vouchers I would not even have the chance to step into such restaurant given its moderate reviews. After handing in the $100 RWS Meal Vouchers, we still have to fork out about $60. Well, looking at the price tag and quality, it's unlikely I would make a return unless I had friends who wanted to visit this place.

Meal Vouchers 5 x $20
(1) Reservations to be advanced to avoid disappointment
(2) Carpark fees are expensive. We parked about 1 hour sharp costing $11.
(3) Minimum spending of $38 ++ per person is required.
(4) Place was rather cold, wear abit more. 
(5) No serving of plain water.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora
Location: S.E.A. Aquarium Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

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