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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Mad Jack Cafes serve an Aussie styled fare and fusion food giving customers a promisable meal with quality adopting its stringent food philisophy - No MSG, No Preservatives, No Tenderlizer and their money-back guaranteed policy.

Mad Jack Clementi

MAD JACK in clementi had been opened a few months back and was rather new in the vicinity as they had shifted from Adams Road. Ambience was simple with about few groups tables spread out in the cafe. Service was prompt, the lady hurried out of the shop to wanting to explain the menu when she saw a group of us hanging out at her corridors. During our visit, there was only a table of 4 enjoying their lunch, dined-in. 

Cover of its menu had illustrated the food origins with its national symbols like boomerang , kangaroo and koala bear.

Menu of Mad Jack
Mad Jack had their crazy lunch deal at an attractive pricing with soup of the day and a drink to complete a meal.

Cream of Mushroom (Soup of the day) with Drink

Remember this is what MAD JACK had told us, "You dont have to be MAD to dine here, but it helps." Cranky but i like it. So let's grub!


MAD Cow Burger was served with big cuts fries. Clear cut with just 2 items, fries and burger.
#151 MAD Cow & Chips Set - $9.90

Burger looked appetizing with its sesame buns and beef patty sandwiched. The beef patty was make up of minced beef meat and tasted rather mushy its centre. Not forgetting its bun, its underneath was toasted with butter, leaving light yellow stains. With Mayonise, tomato and shredded cabbages added complimenting the burger, it had summed a typical looking burger.

MAD Cow Burger

Spaghetti on the other hand was overcooked and was rather soft. The Bolognaise sauce was standard, a good mixture of sauce with minced meat as well as mushrooms, nothing to rave about.

#152 Spaghetti Bolognaise Set - $10.90

2 Pieces of thin grilled dory covered with great amount of butter sauce with mashed potatoes and fruits salad as sides. Decent but not to die for.

#155 Grilled Fish in Cream Sauce Set - $12.90
Oreo cheese cake was abit of the dry side on its cheese layer, a far cry from our ideal taste of Oreo cake. In the end, we left more than half of the cake untouch even though we were sharing this in a group of 5.

#235 Oreo Cheese Cake - $5
TiraMADsu was a letdown. No doubt that the layers of cakes sandwich between the cream were spongy, the richness of a standard Tiramisu and their mascarpone cheese was lacking.

#231 TiraMADsu (Slice) - $4.90
If you are health conscious diner, MAD JACK may just fit your choice if you are craving for some western cuisine. Moreover, MAD JACK  is halal-certified and provides delivery service to certain areas in Singapore. Vegetarians, do not disappoint, MAD JACK had reserved a page on their menu for you.

Rating: 3 / 5

Mad Jack
Location:  Blk 352 Clementi Avenue 2 #01-129  Singapore 120352
Tel: 64624300 / 6846 8231
Open: 11.00am – 10:00pm daily


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