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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Enjoy a true Indonesia hospitality and the authentic Indonesian cuisine from INDOBOX which is located at 3rd Level of JEM (Jurong East Mall). Ambience is cosy and relaxing with wooden box shaped structures hanging from the ceiling.

Shop Front

Besides having the comfortable "woody" environment, the interior design had brought up a modern  Indonesian culture with some false rock walls and decors.

Interior Design

Not only that, the menu background was also printed in woody texture.


Gado Gado, the indonesian salad consisting of boiled vegetables  and keropok (crackers) was served with savoury peanuts dressing.  Ingredients were warm and fresh, a perfect starter for the night and this dish had bench-marked the scores of other dishes for the night.

Gado Gado - $8

Tahu Telor literally means Beancurd Egg and is an Indonesian specialty. The silken Toufu which was hidden under the cripsy egg white crust was tasty. The egg was deep fried, giving it a rich golden brown color. The dish was served with some carrot and radish shreds and dipped into a sweet black sauce, sprinkled with generous amounts of grated peanut.

Tahu Telor - $8.50

Lychee Mint Freeze was nothing special and was quite a standard drink which you can get anywhere with canned lychee, shaved ice and some coloring. Personally i felt that the taste was rather artificial. The Ice Lime Tea cooler was rather standard too, close to our neighbourhood 'Teh O Limau Ice'.

Lychee Mint Freeze - $4.50
Iced Lime Tea Cooler - $3.80

We were quite particular about the freshness of squids and many times we had eaten squids that tasted mushy. Fortunately,Cumi Bakar, the BBQ sotongs (Squids) was packed of smokey flavours. They were grilled just nice such that bites from the sotong rings was rather chewy and not too hard like rubberband. Doused some of the rings onto the chilli and enjoy the sweet and sour taste.

Cumi Bakar - $10.80

While Ayam Penyet is deep fried and smashed chicken, this is BBQ smashed chicken. The chicken was well marinated and was coated with a tasty sweet sauce while BBQ-ing.

Ayam Pangang - $7.50

If you ever eaten Lontong, its quite similar to Sayur Lodeh but without the rice cake.This dish is perfect to go with plain rice. I will give it a double thumbs up for its richness in taste and not-so-creamy taste! It's a total reminiscence of my childhood taste.

Sayur Lodeh
We believed that by ordering these 3 dishes, Gado Gado, Tahu Telor & BBQ chicken would more or less sum up the authenticity of an Indonesian restaurant. Thus far, these 3 dishes had not disappoint us.

Rating: 4 / 5
Location: JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Road #03-22 Singapore 608549

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