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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Morton's SteakHouse

Nestled in the heart of Marina Bay area, Mandarin Oriental housed a legendary steakhouse, Morton's. It is located at 4th storey of the hotel, just opposite one of the popular buffet lines, Melt-The World Cafe.

The exterior of Morton's was a classic looking American steakhouse with wood panels as its background and its reputable name shining brightly under the warm orange lightings. 
Morton's The Steakhouse

The ambience was cosy and quiet with the low lights revealing a coolness making a romantic place to perfect a date.

We made our entrance into Morton's and was warmly welcome by a group of servers who dressed in professional black coats.

In addition to their main restaurant, there were 2 private rooms which hold up to 10 pax per room and a dining room catering up to 20 pax.

Reservation was confirmed by a phone called on the actual day and this was the menu prepared on the table, specially printed to the birthday guy which states "Happy Birthday, ______!".

Our menu was further elaborated by the server in a well-rehearsed manner, introducing their popular dishes.

Customized Menu
Yes! If you have heard about Morton's onion loaf, this is the one. This soft, fluffy and fragrant loaf was bigger than my palm's size accompanied by 2 bars of softened butter. It was placed onto our table before the orders. Addictive and a definite must try! However, remember not to eat too much before the mains, unless you had already catered more stomach room for others. :)

Confetti was placed on each table.

And each table was decorated with a little lamp with pepper and salt by the side.

Infused by the aroma of 5 kinds of onions crusted with Swiss cheese, this dish was indeed heavenly for a start. Our portion of Onion Soup was split into 2 based on server's suggestion which I felt very thoughtful.

Baked Five Onion Soup - $28.50

Opted sautéed Brussels sprouts as Side dish for sharing. Portion was more than enough for 2 pax. Though it was a simple dish on the menu, the dish was delectable, added with bacon and shallots.

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts - $22

The plates of the main dish was warmed up before serving. Enjoy the grain-fed beef with done-ness near perfection. Expensive but well worth it. Every slice of the prime ribeye seduces with its succulent and tender meat bringing out a steak's full flavour with its charred outlook. In fact, no sauces was required. It will definitely pamper any hardcore carnivore with such juicy flesh!

Center-cut Prime Ribeye 16oz - $99.50

After so much of its beefy business, let's talk about its Ocean Catch! Its Chilean Sea Bass (Fillet A la Nage) was palate pleasing accompanied by Jumbo Lump Crabmeat, Lemon Butter and crunchy Asparagus. I was rather surprised that the lemon given was grilled and felt warm as i squeeze its juice over the plate of tantalizing meal.

Chilean Sea Bass - $77

These sweet treats was introduced by the amicable waitress after our mains, unfortunately, there was hardly any room left for them. Well, we will be back!


Souffle (Grand Marnier), a complimentary dessert from Morton's for the birthday guy with a candle. Eggy with a delicate thin layer over its pillow soft fillings made up of unique blend of Grand Marnier liqueur citrus sabayon (egg yolk and sugar custard). Most importantly the dessert was not cloying. Its amazing how simple thing can be so glorious.

Souffle - Birthday Complimentary
Dining in Morton was really a good experience with its elegant interiors and service was impeccable with special needs well attended. Furthermore they were quite detailed with little actions well taken care of and make us felt close to heart.

We were presented with a hand decorated birthday card with our photo instantly printed which was a pleasant surprise to the birthday guy, making the event a memorable one in Morton's !

Overall, everything was good. My only gripe was that Photography was a challenge as the place was dimly lit. Nevertheless, this had create a very good atmosphere especially for special occassions. I would highly recommend this place if one is seeking for a good steak dinner, service and ambience.

Remember to do your reservations!

Rating: 4.5 / 5 

Morton's SteakHouse
Location: Mandarin Oriental Singapore, 5 Raffles Ave Level 4, Singapore 039797

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