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Friday, October 25, 2013

Heng Heng Eating House

This was my first visit to Heng Heng Eating House and there were only 2 stalls operating at dinner time which is the Zi Char Stall and the stall that sell fried carrot cake. One thing that kept me pondering the night was the coffeeshop's furnishing. Considering the recent new outlook and upgrades of Singapore's Coffeeshop, I wonder why are they still still on the old design. Looking the the Eating House's Door Frame, Heng Heng still has the "remains" of old style kind coffeeshop. Not only that, they had the kiddies ride Machines which colors were already out of tone.

Heng Heng Eating House

Heng Heng looks pretty congested to me with supplies stacking up everywhere and its Zi Char Stall was only made known by the chinese wordings on the white board underneath the Eating House Signboard. In fact, it was hidden at one corner.

Food was surprisingly good and definitely worth the wait. The lady who had served us was rather polite. The plate of crispy noodle was scrumptious and its ingredients was rather standard with prawns, lean meat, egg, fishcakes and vegetables. The gravy had summed up the dish perfectly with its non-starchy natural and rather, it was tasty and soupy.

Sheng Mian - $4

Sin Chew Bee Hoon / Xin Zhou Mi Fen packs the dish with its "wok-hei" taste. Praises to the skillful cook! They were generous with ingredients like Char Siew, egg, vegetables, beanspouts & crab meat added. Bee Hoon was springy!

Sin Chew Bee Hoon - $4
Rating: 3.5 / 5

Heng Heng Eating House 兴兴煮炒
Location: Heng Heng Eating House, Blk 506 Bukit Batok St 52 #01-91, Singapore, 650506 

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