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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's all about the smoke!

If you love to dine in Holland Village, Sunset way maybe just another alternative for dining in the western part of Singapore. With its atmosphere as a pretty eyeopener, the unique al fresco dining area in the heartland place could possibly gained a major thumbs-up.

Al Fresco Dining
Smokey serves a good place for comfort American Food if you are in need for one. Their ambience was unpretendious and relaxing, a place where you can seek remedies after a tiring day at work. 

Beer selection is wide and this place is well prepared with 3 big screens installed, thus in event of live TV football matches, one can make Smokey as a gathering point.
Bar Counter with 3 Screens

Alcohol Lovers, this is for you , "Never Trust a Skinny Brewer". :)

Never Trust a Skinny Brewer

We have chosen the soup of the day in bowl over the cup version. The latter is smaller in portion and does not come with toasts.

Cream of Mushroom tasted of mushroom broth with thickened cream, refreshing & delightful with small cuts of mushroom included.
Cost: $9.00

Soup of the day

Toasts served were not of the standards. Most of us would have expected something crispy that require some effort to bite them off but not in this case.

Garlic Toasts

With BBQ as Smokey's signature, it is hard for us to leave our butts without trying its Barbequed meat. Just forget about the healthy vegetables for a moment and munch on the meats!

Chicken Wings were well marinated and penetrated into the meat. Fried and tossed in their hot Wing sauce. This piping hot chicken wings were served with homemade blue cheese dressing and chilli.
Level of spiciness were all determined during ordering by their friendly staff.

Cost: $10 (6 Pcs)
Buffalo Wings (6 Pcs)

BBQ Baby Back Ribs were intensely seasoned followed by a little touch-up with its savoury homemade BBQ sauce. Fries and Coleslaw were its compliments. If you are concerned about its tenderness, no worries, they are forks and knifes friendly. :)
Cost: $25

Smoked Baby Back Ribs Half Slab

For those who drive, parking lots are available at the MSCP (Multi Storey Car Park) next to Smokey's. The MSCP has a walkway linking to the restaurants block sheltering us whether it rains or shines. And if you are there on a Sunday, Parking is Free Of Charge. :). Besides that, no GST required in the total payment. 

All in all, this place maybe a tad inaccessible, but definitely worth making a trip down.
A View of Smokey's
Rating: 4 / 5 
Location: Blk 106 Clementi Street 12, #01-54/56 Singapore 120106

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