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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Desserts from Whampoa

The bowl of  糖水 (Tang Shui) was Served chilled and reveals a soothing sensation as I enjoyed the spoonfuls of cooling effects down the throat. It consist of Wolf-berries, white fungus and lotus seeds.
whereby the white fungus has good properties that aids in blood production and enhance circulation to the skin for a radiance and moisturized complexion. Not only that, it is beneficial for our lungs, effective in healing dry cough and clearing heat in the lungs.
Tang Shui - $2.50
Another bowl of interesting find from this stall is its combination of soften Ginko Nuts, Lotus Seeds, Kidney Beans and Tau Huay. A fantastic harmony of Tau Huay smoothness and bites from the beans/seeds. The texture of Tau Huay belongs to the traditional kind unlike the "Soyabean Pudding" we had in trend nowadays. A slightest pressure on them would just simply disintegrate them into our mouth, as good as "melting in mouth" feeling. And also part of the reason of my liking.

Tau Huay with Ginko and Red beans - $3

Quite a common bowl of dessert that we can get in most of the desserts stall perhaps. Not too sweet with the preserved longans and rather cooling bowl of delight after meal. Grass Jelly tasted towards bitter with herbs unlike those that we commonly get in the market place.

Grass Jelly Longan - $2

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Location: Whampoa Soya Bean & Grass Jelly Drinks

Whampoa Makan Place, Blk 92 Whampoa Drive #01-52, Singapore 320092

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