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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

XO Fish Noodle

While most of the stalls were closed in Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre and business crowds were miserable to most of the stalls, I have seen a surprising long queued line up along the row of Ron Sheng Fish Head Bee Hoon Stall. Being curious, we had joined in the queue and decided to give it a shot.

Stall of Ron Sheng Fish Head Bee Hoon

Queuing made us hungrier when patrons in front of us carried their ordered bowls of steaming hot fish noodle passing by us with the aroma of XO lingers along the passage. Although Ron Sheng was also selling Hand Made Noodle, I had observed that most customers had ordered their XO and original fish noodle.

XO Fish Bee Hoon

A spoonful of XO was added to bring out the aromatic broth after the Bee Hoon was cooked. Dish was filled to the brim with generous amount of fried fish given. Each and every slice of them had its battered smell of egg fragrance.

Egg Battered Fish

The texture of the batter was rather unique, it was rough with hints of peppery taste unlike most of the fried fish.
Cost: $6 Per Bowl

Fried Fish

The bowl of plain fish bee hoon shares its own unique taste, the soup was sweet and tasty added with plenty of vegetables. Like any other fish soup stall, we can request to have milk included but in this case, we had it excluded.
Cost: $4

Sliced Fish Bee Hoon Without Milk
Slices of fish were rather thick and fresh,  proportionally cut. Just like the XO Fish Bee Hoon, portion was generous.

Fish Slice

Hours after eating, I felt very thirsty and had to constantly keeping the body hydrate, perhaps too much MSG was being added. Overall, I felt that its still worth the taste and visit!

XO Vs The Standard Bowl Of Fish Bee Hoon
Rating: 4 / 5
Ron Sheng Fish Head Bee Hoon (榮勝魚頭米粉 )
Location: Yuhua Village Market & Food Centre, Blk 254 Jurong East, #01-4, Singapore 600254

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