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Saturday, October 12, 2013

2fifteen, your affordable french cuisine (Closed)

2fifteen is tucked in a cosy corner at Level 2 Rochester Mall, with the help of big signboards around, it made patrons easier to locate her by walking along the walkways at the outdoor area.

2fifteen was named after its unit number, #02-15 in case many of us wander why such an imitable name.

As we entered the restaurant, we felt that Interior Design was well done up, with a concept more towards a modern French ambiance furnished against some rustic looking brick walls and wood-liked homogenous flooring. Chandelier was seen hanging from the fore-ceiling with place brightly lited. Apart from these welcoming designs, service was above average with observant server who come in once a while to topped up our glasses of drinks.


Though named as a kitchen but it was a place serving hearty, unpretentious comfort french European cuisine.

Executive Chef Kenny Yeo who helmed 2fifteen kitchen had his culinary skills honed at Le-Cententaire Hotel-Restaurant, 3 Star Michelin establishment in France, some Singapore's best restaurants including Les Amis and at various private functions with reputable guests including the former Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

During my visit, we had noted his presence and he was friendly enough to give us a smile and a waving gesture, saying "Hello" to us. 

One need not worry about bringing the kids into the restaurant as they were children friendly. Service was professional as the child seat was already prepared when we were there.

Dining Area

The weekend menu that keep us thinking although it was cleared cut, I just felt like having all. 2fifteen, UMakeMeHungry!:p

Started our palates off with the freshly baked mini croissants & Baguette with Butter, warming right into our stomach.


Crossiants were fragrant, crispy with flakes loosen from it as we bite them off.

Freshly Baked Baguette and Butter
One of the appetisers we had. Sprinkled heavily with vinargrette and if lucky, one can actually get to crush on the little sea salt crystals within.

Medley of Garden Mesclun (Vegetarian)

Tangy tomato  as the soup of the day. Sweet and tastes tad sour, standard, nothing to rave about.

Soup of the day - Tomato Soup

Beverages - Pomegranate (front), Apple Juice (Back)

Enjoy every bite of the Warm Salad of Foie Gras with Grape Petite Sald and Raspberry Vinaigrette. This is a top up at ($14) on top of the adult main course. Look at the bubbles formation, isnt the pan-seared fragrant slab alluring? Once we had it in our mouth, it literally disintegrate and melts right away. Thumbs up!

Scrambled Egg prepared with Truffle Oil and a cherry tomato, included in a standard adult main course.

Breakfast Egg

A special dish served to us in replacement of Sauteed Aglio Olio & Spicy Italia, a children friendly dish which spaghetti was cooked to al dente perfection lavished with sauteed mushrooms with garlic. 
Sauteed garlic mushroom with spaghetti

Pork escaplop was served with sage leaves in between the meat, accompanied by apples and dill sauce. Pork was abit hard to bite, nevertheless it still tastes good with the sweet black sauce.

Pork Escalope
An additional main ordered. Crispy Duck Confit from Perigord, Medley of Mesclun, Balsamic Vinagretter. Uncover the cracking crisp layer and you will find a layer of fat. Perfectly marinated and amazingly delectable accompanied with garden of Mesclun and roasted potatoes. Yums!

Cost: $36
Duck Confit
3 kinds of sausage was served, white, original and spicy flavour accompanied by a bed of smashed potatoes, sauerkraut with caramelized onions. Simple and very filling to the stomach. 

Bungers and Mash, Sauerkraut and Brown Onion Sauce

 Coconut and Ice Cream topped with fragran coconut flakes in a icy cup. Cooling and refreshing way to end the meal.

2 Scoops of Ice Cream

The presentation of Homemade Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese had brought laughter to the table. Served on a plate which reminds me of a tile from a renovation warehouse I had visited weeks ago, I thought this idea was crazy, nevertheless, I still find it innovative.

The dish was adorn with fruits like blueberries, raspberry, strawberries with 4 tiny dots of cranberry sauce at each corner, forming an invisible square. Carrot Cake was fragrant and not that oily with nuts and carrots crunch. A small ball of coconut ice-cream with coconut flakes was included too.

Carrot Cake

Homemade Cream Brulee with Exotic Food. 3 types of flavours (Earl Grey, Classic and Green Tea) to choose from and we had the earl grey. Caramelized frosty top layer packed  with sweetness. The Earl Grey Cream Brulee was good. 

A special compliment done up for the birthday girl. These Happy Birthday wordings were specially requested at the time of phone reservation. Carfefully planned with the "fireworks" on plate. Take a look at the video.

Home-made Apple Tart comes with Crushed Almonds, Caramelised Sauce and Vanilla Ice cream. Freshly baked and 20 minutes baking time is required. Voted this for the best desserts among all orders. Served in a hot pan, these paper thin crust had packed our last dish with cracking bites! Shiok!
Cost: $16

I always think that having French Food in Singapore is costly. Amazingly, with the eminence of Chef Kenny Yeo, French Cuisine had been make wallet friendly, saving us from burning a hole in the pocket. I was rather surprised that the place was near empty considering that those dishes whipped out by reputable Chef Kenny Yeo was exquisite. It's really a hidden Gem in the west. For such quiet ambiance, this is a perfect spot to romance your date on weekends if this style floats your boat.

Do remember to make reservations for weekdays especially.

Rating: 4 / 5

2fifteen kitchen
35 Rochester Drive, #02-15 Rochester Mall, Singapore 138639
Tel: 6659 8215

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