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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Your Home Style Zi Char

Try walking along Level One Of IMM Building and one would find ourselves as if we are winding the clock back into the 60s of Singapore. With the nostalgic design of POT LUCK with its old Chinatown Settings, I bet that one can never gave a miss to this. Moreover its uniqueness had drawn many attention towards its shop, pondering what cooking in their pots by having such a quirky name? 


Pillar in front of the shop was eye-catching with its oscillating barber poles and Neon lighting. It's hard to walk pass without turning our head towards that direction.

 Colorful Lightings

Enjoy a twist in the time machine as we walked into the rustic environment of POT LUCK accompanied by their 'Tao Jie' or 'Mah Jie'. Settings were authentic with formica chairs and tables arranged in the dining area. Into the shop and by the sides, customers get to experience the old looking stretch of shops with Peranakan tilings. The entire area was as good as those olden days that we had seen on the TV.

 Chinatown Setting
Copies of newspaper was placed on the table. Wait, do not mistaken these copies as the daily newspaper. The piece of thin and flimsy paper is where we get to choose our food from - the menu.

A condiments rack was prepared on every table with ordering slips. The ordering system goes like this: Filled up the slip, proceed to the cashier for payment and wait to be served by Ah Huat, their 'rickshaw boy' or even Ali their 'Satay Man'. POT LUCK had also introduced the free flow of drinks (hot / cold) at $2.80 each, as well as rice at $1.50 per pax, these can be self help at the self-service station together with the cutlery.

Look at the corner of the dining table. Your table is specially "CHOPE!" by one of their crews (Ali, Ah Huat, Ah Foong,, Tao jie, Mah Jie or Muthu). Looks Cute right?

 Your Seat is Chope!
Dishes were quick to served and whipped out from the kitchen. Sizzling hot pot of Ginger Spring Onion Beef slices were tender, well marinated and fragrant.
Cost: $8.90

Ginger Spring Onion Beef
Taste the Claypot Cabbage with Mushroom! Simply brought me back to the good old days! The cabbages were sweet & half braised, therefore one can actually enjoy the best of both world, a crunchy & soft bite. Though a simple dish, it was made different by using better quality mushrooms.
Cost: $5.60

 Claypot Cabbage with Mushroom
Searching for the "Wok hei" tastes of from a Claypot Hor Fun? Yes, Potluck Hor Fun did have the Charred smell but it was not that intensive as I would have thought. Standard is abit higher than average and would serve as a great replacement to the plain white rice.
Cost: $5.90

Claypot Hor Fun

Whet my appetite! Prawn Paste Chicken (4 pieces of winglets) were well marinated and very crispy. Yums!
Cost: $7.90

 Prawn Paste Chicken
I'm quite comfortable with the amount paid. As compared to a normal Zi Char Stall, some of the prices are on pile while some of them were about the same. Factor in its service and air conditioned environment, having Zi Char in Pot Luck isn't a bad choice either.

 Dinner Spendings
Side Notes:
(1) 10% of Service Charge is not required.
(2) Be careful & Keep your hands away from the burning hot claypot, I'm scalded and it had left an ugly mark on my hand. :(

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