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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A One Stop Place for Assorted Local Delights

Prima Taste Kitchen is located in a "hidden" passage down in The Centrepoint shopping mall. Although their Kitchen had been there for quite sometime, I believe that many of the shoppers would still have missed out the stretch of eateries in Centrepoint Mall just like me. :)

Shop Front
Prima Branding has been going steady and strong offering Singapore's cuisine through its convenient method all these years. With its innovative readily packed pastes and premixes sold island wide in convenience stalls illustrated with idiot proof cooking steps, they were well-liked by all. Today,  they are very successful and Prima is hardly a stranger to any local.

Design and furnishings of the restaurants were vibrant and young, installed with linear tracks lights and strong spinning ceiling fans in the air conditioned environment. Ambiance was cosy and patrons can enjoy the live demonstrations of chefs cooking through the showcase kitchen. Just beside the cash register counter, Prima had allocated a booth whereby one can buy their premixes and pastes, including noodles. A few tourists were seen grabbing some of the packs off the shelves after trying out the Signature's Cuisine at the stall, I guess they must have given a few nods to the taste of Prima Kitchen's delicacies.:)
Shop Interior
Not only was Prima innovative in their pre-packed pastes and mixes, they did it again with a twist through their serving menu. Just with a cost as low as $9.50, one get to enjoy 3 sampler bowls of our local cuisine. Available in 6 kinds of dishes, we had them all ordered for our dinner. Dishes were as follows:
(1) Mee Rebus
(2) Prawn Mee
(3) Laksa
(4) Satay Bee Hoon
(5) Mee Siam
(6) Hainanese Chicken Rice

Sampler bowls were rather small and its portions reminded me of those bowls of noodles bought during my Primary School Days in the Tuckshop. One can easily finished the bowl of noodles in 3-5 mouths.

Alright, my dinner is here. Look at the wide spread of local cuisines on our table! I would highly recommended this place if you have a guest from abroad. Do let them have a one stop taste of Singapore's Delights in Prima!
All Sampler Dishes

Mee Rebus, a traditional malay dish featuring noodles served with a rich sweet and spicy sauce, topped off with bean curd cubes, egg and prawns. Black sauce and vegetables were also added to further enhance the taste.

Mee Rebus

Prawn Mee was excellent especially when its stock tasted full of prawn flavours. They must have spent long hours cooking the prawns heads and shells to obtain such a rich taste.
Prawn Mee

Laksa served with rice noodles, prawns, fish cake, cockles and Tau pok. The gravy was rich and lends a thick creamy texture packed with coconut fragrant,if this style floats your boat.

Prima had never failed to disappoint - With a generous portion of Satay Sauce drenched over the strands of fine bee hoon on my sampler bowl. This scrumptious dish was also served traditionally with pig's liver, lean meat and prawn. Yums!

Satay Bee Hoon
Mee Siam tasted traditional and refreshing. Bee Hoon was served in a tangy sweet-sour tamarind gravy in an assortment of garnishes as well as sambal chilli. Overall, featuring an authentic Singapore Dish!
Mee Siam

Enjoy the mouth watering portions of tender chicken meat over the pandan fragrant rice with chicken stock, presenting our Local Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

The popiah took sometime to be prepared. The rolled was wrapped and filled tightly with shredded turnips, slices of eggs, prawns and vegetables. The reddish spread of chilli could be easily seen through the translucent Popiah skin roll which looked orangy under the lights. Moist enough and the only letdown I had was that it lacked the crunch from the turnips as they were finely cut, a bigger shred will make it better.


Lychee Sensation? What's that? Preparations of the drink was rather straight forward. It's a mixture of lychee in its syrup together with sour plum in the drink. The unique taste was supported by the big plum that had drowned in the drink. Sweet, Sour and Salty. Perfect!

Lychee Sensation

The friendly and jovious server had spoken on behalf, "Singapore's Best Chendol" he mentioned. I couldnt agree more. Sweetened with Gula Melaka, ingredients were plentiful. Do leave a space in your stomach after your meal for this!

Total amount summed up to be $34.15. I would say every sampler bowls of Cuisine rock my socks off! Factoring that its a sample bowl, the ingredients were never compromised and quality was definitely there. Worth it!

Prima Taste Kitchen
Location: The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road #01-63/64, 238843

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