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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beancurd Tarts & Tasty Pineapples Tarts

LE Cafe is one of Singapore oldest and finest pastry and cakes shop. Products were 100% handcrafted and they have their reputation built throughout the years with their quality and tasty delights.

Stall Front
"LE" is actually referring to the initial of the shop name, "Li Eng". I came to know of LE Cafe when my senior introduced its Beancurd Tart to us about 10 years ago. Ever since I had the tart, it was deeply imprinted into my mind as it was unique on its own and till now, I have not seen a place that is selling similar item.Let's go! I'm all for its Bean Curd Tart.

 Stall Front with Posters

As we were approaching LE Cafe Confectionery, we get to feel the difference. The shop has been aggressively plastered up by prints of the media and their pastries illustrations everywhere leaving a small walkway about 5 meters into the shop only and that's all ( You cant move left and right to do selections like in a pastry shop). A few customers in the shop will eventually make the shop seems overcrowded and chock up the queue.

Narrow Walkways in Stall
 Their business was more of "you tell me what you want, I take for you" as everything was kept in within the reach of their helpers only.

 Box of Beancurd Tart

We was given a name card and was told that pastries are sold out daily, it will be better to give them a call before coming down. (I remember them saying the same thing when I was walked in customers the last round ). Finally grab a box of beancurd tart, so happy about it! Every tart was well seated on the transparent plastic mold in the box neatly and self assure the safety of the tarts as they will not be knocking onto each other during handling. The smooth and silky beancurd make up of soya bean filling is the cream of the crop and encased by a thin crispy layer of delicious pastry.
Cost: S$8.00 (Box of 8)

 Beancurd Tarts in Box
Beancurd Tart (Close Up)

It was the first time I tried its round pineapple tarts aka "golf-ball tarts" and indeed they were all in the size of golf ball. Every tart was well polished with egg yolk and baked into golden perfection. The balls are incredibly big and on an average, it costs about 90 cents. Not only are they big and tasty, the thin layer of crust was soft, flaky and packed with full load of butter fragrance. Yums! Bite into them and you will realize how generous LE Cafe Confectionery is with their pineapple jam fillings. These extremely addictive jam are full of moisture, rich with pineapple flavours. On top of that, these outrageous portion of pineapple jam was neither starchy nor gluely. Considering the thin crust layer ratio to the copious amount of pineapple jam, it is definitely rewarding and satisfying in enjoying such traditional Pastry!
Cost: S$8.70 (Box of 10)

 Pineapple Tarts
Bite Size Not?

If you happen to be around the corner, you may try your luck but it is best advisable to call in for reservations.

Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry
Location: David Elias Building, 264 Middle Road, 188990

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