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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ban Mian

Formosa Delights is located at the Basement 1 of West Coast Plaza Tuck at one corner near to the entrance of the mall, serving Taiwanese delights and known for its fresh and affordable home made noodles in the area. The furnishing and theme of the restaurant are more towards white color based with interesting orange lights shone down by the beautiful caged lamps, creating a cosy environment for diners.

Ambience - Formosa Delights in West Coast Singapore

Look over at the cashier counter, are 2 fatty chefs figures had caught my attention as they were so cute with Formosa's name on it in Chinese characters.

Figurines at the Cashier - Formosa Delights in West Coast Singapore
Figurines at the Cashier

Since, its famous for the handmade noodles, we should have a try!
Ban Mian - Formosa Delights in West Coast Singapore
Ban Mian

Organic Wheat Grass & Soya Bean - Wheat Grass Tastes abit unusual with bitterness, perhaps its organic and not much sugar content in it.
Cost: S$2.00 & S$1.50 Respectively
Organic Wheat Grass & Soya - Formosa Delights in West Coast Singapore
Organic Wheat Grass & Soya

Formosa Xiao Long Buns (6 pcs) - Named after the shop, we thought we should try them! Well, nothing to rave about as the look from the Dim Sum Tray had betrayed them. Dry, unattractive looking exterior with mushy minced meat.
Cost: S$6.00

Formosa Xiao Long - Formosa Delights in West Coast Singapore
Formosa Xiao Long

Hot & Sour Noodle - If you cant take that level of spiciness, pour some spoonful of vinegar into your dish before digging in it will actually help! Sour with tangy tasting soup, the dish is rather appetizing.
Cost: S$5.50
Hot & Sour Noodle - Formosa Delights in West Coast Singapore
Hot & Sour Noodle
KonJak HandMade noodle, flavourful soup with notable big chunks of minced meat and egg. These hand-pulled noodles are delicate and tastes as good as those freshly hand-pulled noodles. However the meat chunks are not in my flavour as they are rather mushy, similar to the Xiao Longs.
Cost: S$5.50

Konjak Handmade Noodle - Formosa Delights in West Coast Singapore
Konjak Handmade Noodle

Slice Beef Noodle - The main attraction of the dish is its sliced noodle matched in the aroma of fermented soybean flavour, evenly shaved and prepared to a uniform noodle
thickness, skillful chef indeed.
Cost: S$6.00
Slice Beef Noodle - Formosa Delights in West Coast Singapore
Slice Beef Noodle

Our Total Spending for 5 pax together with 2 other bowls of noodles (take away for colleagues). Overall its reasonably priced factoring that the portion is big and in an Aircon environment.
Receipt - Formosa Delights in West Coast Singapore

(1) The restaurant is split into 2 sections, the lower level and the higher level. Dine in raised area to have a further view of the exterior.
(2) Parking maybe an issue over in the mall especially during Lunch Time. Alternative parking lots are available at the neighbourhood carpark beside the mall and within walking distance.

 Formosa Delights
Location: West Coast Plaza, 154 West Coast Road #B1-53, 127371

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