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Friday, August 9, 2013

True Blue Xing Hua Cuisine

I was introduced to this place for its authentic Xing Hua's Cuisine of Putien (not the restaurant but a place in china eastern coastline of Fujian province) at an affordable pricing. Xing Hua Seafood Restaurant was was located in one of the run down eating houses located in the intersection of Race Course and Perumal Road. If you are tired of those highly commercialized Xing Hua Dishes in the malls/restaurants, I suggest that if you don't mind the lacking ambience, this truly Heng Hua Style dishes may just fit the bill.

Extra One Eating House - Xing Hua Seafood Restaurant in Serangoon Singapore 
Extra One Eating House
Unfortunately, clams were not available during my visit and there goes my vongole dishes! :(

Mum's dialect is Heng Hua and immediately as this fried Mackerel slices was served on our table, it gave me the kind of familiarity and good feeling of home cooked food. Fish was well fried with little grease seen and filled with the aroma of ginger. The scent from the ginger had also to cover up the nature fishy smell of a mackerel. Each quarter of the meat was well defined and its flesh was rather tender under the crispiness of the fish skin tastes with some pinch of salt. I find it so irresistible and had them consumed using my bare hands!

Cost: S$6.00
Fried Fish - Xing Hua Seafood Restaurant in Serangoon Singapore
Fried Fish

Oyster egg was my favourite after the fried Mackerel! We was given such a big plate, with egg beat and mixed together in onions and oysters, moisture contents was well handled. Simply love the eggy smell and the taste of the oysters.

Cost: S$8.00
Oyster Egg - Xing Hua Seafood Restaurant in Serangoon Singapore
Oyster Egg
Xing Hua Lor Mee is not those conventional Lor Mee with brown thick gravy and braised meat we found in hawker centres. On the contrary, soup based are make of seafood and looks clear. Thick white Bee Hoon was used instead of the traditional yellow noodles. Soup tastes refreshing with pieces of fried fish cakes, cabbages, mushrooms and prawns.

Cost: S$4.00
Lor Mee - Xing Hua Seafood Restaurant in Serangoon Singapore
Lor Mee

The bowl of seaweed Soup was big and filled with shreds of dark green seaweed afloat. Soup tastes of tomatoes, eggs with the sweetness of oysters included. Although it was a simple dish, I find it rather refreshing.

Cost: $8.00
Seafweed Soup - Xing Hua Seafood Restaurant in Serangoon Singapore
Seaweed Soup
Xing Hua Bee Hoon was one of Pu Tien's signature dish. It came in a generous serving of Bee Hoon that even 2 stomachs cant handle them. Xing Hua Bee Hoon marks the difference from the usual Bee Hoon by its delicate and fine strings of Bee Hoon. The dish was filled with prawns, pork belly, mushrooms, cabbage, chye sim and eggs with a slight sprinkling of garlic oil to enhance the fragrance of the dish.
Cost: S$4.00
XIng Hua Bee Hoon - Xing Hua Seafood Restaurant in Serangoon Singapore  
Xing Hua Bee Hoon
We was given a handwritten receipt by the servers when the last dish had arrived at our table. Having also tried the mall's Xing Hua Cuisine, this pricing and quantities of food are much more convincing.
Receipt - Xing Hua Seafood Restaurant in Serangoon Singapore 

Dining experience in Extra One Eating House was something I long for. The place where we were dining was separated by a railing with drainage beside the road (about a Metre away as I looked down into the drain from the platform that I'm dining). Once in a while, it just feels good to dine beside the road watching and enjoying the surroundings as such views from coffee shops are getting lesser in Singapore.

Waiting time was still alright as the dishes comes in staggered timings, about 5-10 minutes apart from each other.

It looked rather quiet during the National Day Evening when I was there with some foreign workers and police officers around, if you are planning for Xing Hua Cuisine I suggest you to dine in pair or a group for safety reasons.

Another good thing about the place that it is within walking distance to the MRT station and there are ample of open air parking lots available, one can just simple "watch" over the vehicle while dining.

Xing Hua Seafood Restaurant
Location: Extra One Eating House, 276 Race Course Road, 218628

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