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Monday, July 1, 2024

Shun De Seafood Porridge Claypot

While Charcoal claypot hotpot is the trending food in most places right now. Here's another version of Claypot hotpot, the charcoal Claypot Seafood Porridge from Shun De in Woodlands Industrial Area. 

Beside the Seafood Porridge Pot, they offers Crazy Laksa Siham pot too. These Hotpot comes with different kinds of pot base, Golden Soup Fish Maw Chicken, Pepper Pig's Stomach Chicken and also Mala Tonkotsu Pot Base, each at $32.80.

Shun De Seafood Porridge Claypot Menu

There are more than 50 hotpot ingredients in refrigerators and even Iberico Pork. Condiments can be self-help at the station. Let's give our Seafood Porridge Claypot a start.

Our Selected Items

The Seafood Porridge Pot comes with Tiger Prawns, Lala, Scallops and Black Pork Paste. The seafood pot items were naturally sweet in flavour and the taste was enhanced by the ingredients we took. 

Lala from the Hotpot

While every ingredient was cooked, we poured the rice bowl into the hotpot to make porridge.

Shabu Shabu

We enjoyed our bowl of seafood porridge with pork as well as abalone ~ the items that we had chosen. The sweet umami flavours of the soup base pairing with the distinctive grains of white rice were simply stomach comforting.


Want a nostalgic and comforting meal like this? Let's visit the first-ever Charcoal Seafood Porridge Claypot in Singapore from Shun De Seafood Porridge Claypot.

Shun De Seafood Porridge Claypot
17 Woodlands Link, Singapore 738727

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