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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Sera Sera Nonya

Nonya cuisine is rare, especially when serving dishes like this. Sera Sera Nonya is located in one of Bukit Batok Coffeeshops and I thought it was rare.

Sera Sera Nonya

The Nonya Chicken Set comes with a big drumstick. Every set defaults to Blue Pea Rice,  "Azhar" aka pickles, vegetables and keropok (Crackers).

Nonya Soya Chicken Set - $7.90 

The meat was huge and well soaked in soya sauce with a tad ginger flavour. The meat was succulent and not too dry.

Soya Chicken

While the default items remain the set, the Sotong Asam Goreng was appetizing in its Asam sauce and flavour. For vegetables, we had some cabbages and long beans. 

Sotong Goreng Asam Set - $8.90

The Asam Sotong Goreng was not too spicy and was stirred fried with onions, tomatoes and etc. 

Sotong Asam Goreng

We revisited Sera Sera Nonya a few weeks later and realised that the Soya Chicken was served fried instead, then drenched with the sauce. We were disappointed that they stopped serving soup for the meal.
Nonya Soya Chicken Set - $7.90 

Besides having Soya Chicken and Sotong. We also ordered their Pork Pongtay. The portion was big and quite worthwhile if you enjoy braised pork with rice.

Pork Pongtay Set - $7.90

The Pork Pongtay set was well-braised and well-flavoured. The big cuts of meat was tender and the taste fit my style.

Pork Pongtay

While there aren't many Nonya Stalls around in the hawkers, I seriously think that it could last. Overall, the food standard and quality was above moderate. I will be back again!

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Sera Sera Nonya
273 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, Singapore 650273

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