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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Bulgogi Syo

Bulgogi Syo is a Korean BBQ Hotstone chain which lends an interesting dining concept where they basically flambe and provide a fire show at the diners' table. They stand up with their 3-step hot-stone grilling process from Korea, the first ever in Singapore.  There are 3 store locations currently, namely Bugis Junction, The Woodleigh Mall and the latest in Vivocity.

Makgeolli Alcohol Mix Tower 

While enjoying the first ever 3-Step Hotstone Grilling from Korea, we had Lychee Makgeolli as our beverages. It was refreshing and a good choice accompanying the meal.

Our Tower of Lychee Makgeolli

Don't miss out on this Father's Day Special, their flaming Jeju Pork Ribs, which gave us an introduction of their New 3-Step Process, Simmer, Torch and Flambe. These pork ribs were stacking up each other accompanied by broccoli and drenched with sauce. 

Flaming Jeju Pork Ribs - $69

A good sight of gushing flame in front of our eyes in seconds set the perfect dramatic scene.

Flaming Jeju Pork Ribs

It was simmered with slices of potatoes, cabbages and ttekboki.

In the Broth

Every item in the pot was well soaked in the broth.

Soaked Up the Goodness

Not forgetting that every piece of ribs was so bone-falling tender. 

Pork Rib

The Flaming Jeju Pork Ribs come with Free Flow Rice, Broth and Banchan. Here are some of the Banchan we had, Kimchi Tomatoes, pickled radish, Kimchi and Mayo Macaroni. 

Banchan & Sauce

Pair the flaming pork ribs with these bowls of fragrant pearl rice topped with crispy seaweed.


Among the usual pancakes, we had chosen something not so common, the Bacon Kongnamul Pancake which is also their new creation. Besides the crispiness of the pancake that captivates diners with every bite, its well complemented by the savory accompany sauce. 

Bacon Kongnamul Pancake - $17.90

Enhancing the diner's experience, Bulgogi Syo added another series of flaming Sotbap aka the Korean Pot Rice with Flames. In fact, the way of preparing the meal with a flame enhanced the meat's flavour as well as the fragrance of the food. Be prepared to indulge in their 4 different kinds of Sotbap, namely:

(1) Hangari Marinated Chicken Sotbap
(2) Pork Jowl Sotbap
(3) Scallop Mentai Mayo Sotbap
(4) Wagyu Tteokgalbi Sotbap 

We enjoyed the Hangari Marinated Chicken Sotbap. It comes with kimchi radish, spring onions, pajuri sauce decked up with white rice.

Hangari Marinated Chicken - $16.90

Enjoy the Korean steamed eggs with cheese. If you love the cheese pull effect, eat while it's hot.

Cheesy Gyeran Jjim - $11.90

Register at with sign-up bonus of a total $150, redeemable at a variety of restaurants - SEORAE, Bulgogi Syo, POCHA! and the soon-to-open Namu Bulgogi.

Each dollar spent at participating stores will earn k-won which can be used to redeem dishes and discounts from the rewards menu

Subject to Terms & Conditions.

Bulgogi Syo
Vivocity, 1 Harbourfront Walk,  #B2-29 Singapore 098585

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