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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Lala Claypot & Prawn Claypot at Cheese Story Mookata Buffet

The Claypot trend continues as more & more F&B owners are joining in serving Claypot Steamboat with Lala as well as Prawns. 

Be thrown with surprise that the well known Original Cheese Story Mookata from Golden Mile Complex has already join the fun.

Cheese Story Mookata Buffet

Grab a seat by the side of the pool and enjoy a good meal either with the Mookata or Claypot.

Cheese Story Mookata Buffet

The perks of enjoying our meal in Balestier Home Team NS with this beautiful pool view especially in the night.

Pool View

We had the best of both worlds, enjoying Claypot Lala for just $19.90 or Claypot Prawn for $29.90. The ingredients were brought over to the diners' table which I find that its good as its a transparency to consumers. 

Besides the main ingredients like Prawns & Lala, they include ingredient just as Oil, Fried Garlic, Chinese Wine and Ginger Strips. 

Ingredients for Claypot

Besides the transparency of the ingredients, the preparation process was showcased by their assistant, blowing up a huge fire over the charcoal stove while cooking our Lala & Prawns on the earthen claypot.

Fire over the Claypot

Perhaps its a good reason why we had huge fire beside the pool. Just Kidding.

Preparing Lala Claypot

After doing the basic cooking to the Lala, the broth was then poured in with the claypot lids covered and simmering for minutes.


The broth for both Claypot Lala & Prawns are the same.

Adding Fried Garic and Topping Up Broth

While waiting for the bubbling experience from our food beside the pool.

Claypot Lala & Claypot Prawn - $19.90 & $29.90

The aroma from the Chinese Wine of our claypots made us hungrier as the clock ticked. 

Lala Bubbling in the Claypot

Prawns Bubbling in the Claypot

The Prawns are of quality and totally worth the price paid.

Prawns from Claypot

In addition to the claypot, we can order ala carte hot pot items at our preferences. We had additional prawns, scallops, sliced meat and vegetables.

Claypot & Ingredients

We had the plate of minced meat with egg. Thought it is quite interesting as we seldom see this from the hot pot restaurant.

Egg on Minced Meat

Besides the seafood we had, the shabu shabu was something cannot be opted out from hotpot dining.

Shabu Shabu

For those who are missing Cheese Story Mookata from the defunct Golden Mile Complex, you can enjoy your favourite Mookata here too. Grab your widespread of Mookata ingredients items from the buffet counters.


Seafood Counters

Bamboo Clams

Enjoy this 3 menu in one concept at Cheese Story Mookata Buffet. For those who are craving for Lala Claypot, you can consider theirs as an alternative.

Cheese Story Mookata Buffet
Location: HomeTeamNS Balestier-JOM, 31 Ah Hood Rd, #01-07, Singapore 329979

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