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Monday, May 6, 2024

Ubi Claypot Lala

Yet another Claypot delicacy over the traditional charcoal fire hidden in the industrial area! If you have seen recent videos online about delicious Claypot Lala, it should be none other than this Ubi Claypot Lala. For all you know, they are located just a stone's throw away from the Comfort Delgro Driving Center. This also means that parking spaces are rather limited there despite being in an Industrial Estate.

Claypot Lala

Feel spoilt by their varieties, offering patrons with over 40 hotpot toppings to go with the Lala. The classic ingredients were all available in the fridge including Luncheon Meat, Sausage, Hokkaido Scallops. fish slices etc

Ingredients for our Lala Hotpot


Now there's no need to go JB when you can come to Ubi to enjoy Singapore's First Charcoal Claypot Lala. Their homemade chilli sauce was "powerful" and good for dipping the ingredients. 

What we had

They provide a free flow of fried garlic which allows us to scatter all over the soup. Not only that they provide unlimited Shao Xing Wine as well!


How can we miss out on the classic? Enjoying this thinly sliced shabu shabu in the hotpot?


The Signature Broth was definitely the crowd's favourite. 

Our Meal

There is no need to worry about staff not promptly refilling the Lala soup base. We can do it ourselves by adding soup at the designated corner with the flask provided.

Refilling our soup bases

Sinking our stainless steel ladles into the default broth makes us happier with these big & plump Lala within, giving the base a natural seafood sweet taste.

Plump & Juicy Lala

It's a good place to enjoy Lala over the charcoal fire. Since it's located in Ubi Industrial, it may take a little planning to get there. With its limited parking spaces, we parked at the opposite industrial car park and walked over.


Thank you Ubi Claypot Lala for inviting us.

Ubi Claypot Lala
Location: 179 Ubi Ave 4, #01-05, Singapore 408793

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