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Friday, May 31, 2024

Takagi Ramen

Congratulations to Takagi Ramen's latest addition in Hougang Rivercourt. Let's celebrate the grand opening of Takagi Ramen's new outlet in Hougang! Takagi Ramen is committed to keeping their dining experience delightful & affordable. Do note that this outlet is operating 24 hours around the clock.

Enjoy Takagi's Soft-shell Crab Ramen with Salted Egg Sauce, Roasted Seaweed, Spring Onions and a Gooey Japanese Ajitama Egg. This dish is served with a Bowl of our Signature 12 Hours Boiled Tonkotsu Soup.

Salted Egg Crab Ramen - $20.90

Served similarly to Salted Egg Crab Ramen the Soft-shell crab Ramen with Tangy Chilli-Crab Sauce was served with Roasted Seaweed, Spring Onions and a Gooey Japanese Ajitama Egg served with 12 hours Boiled Tonkotsu Soup.

Chilli Crab Ramen - $20.90

The Tantan Men is a Chinese-inspired dish served with Spicy, peanut-infused tonkotsu Broth Ramen and pulled pork, Spring Onions and Peanuts.

Tantan Men - $11.90 

Are you game enough to try their Devil Lips Ramen? Claimed the spiciest ramen in town, this Mamee X Takagi Ramen with 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Unit Ghost Pepper Challenge is here! Take up the challenge?

Devil Lips Ramen - $8.90

Pairing our food, we had Milk Tea, Yuzu Oolong, Iced Takagi Koohii & Passionfruit Sencha. (Left to Right)


We enjoyed these 6 pieces of Authentic Takoyaki, Japanese Octopus Balls topped with Mayonnaise, Japanese BBQ Sauce & Seaweed. A side that is good for sharing too.

Takoyaki - $6.90 (6pcs)

The Ebi Fry has crumbed Prawns Served with a Tangy, Spicy Chilli Crab Sauce. We loved that the serving was pleasant and not too greasy.

Chilli Crab Sauce Ebi Fry - $9.90

One of us did not get enough of prawns apparently and we ordered another portion of Ebi Fry. These crispy Fried Crumbed Prawns were served with Mayonnaise and Japanese BBQ Sauce.

Ebi Fry - $8.90 (5 pcs)

5 Pieces of Crispy Deep Fried Chicken and Vegetable Dumplings were Drizzled In Creamy Salted-egg Sauce. Pretty appetizing. 

Salted Egg Sauce Gyoza - $9.90

Let's have a wide view of what we had. What a scrumptious meal. Thank you Takagi Ramen.

Our Meal

Takagi Ramen
Location: Hougang Rivercourt, Blk 377 Hougang St 32 #01-02/16  Singapore 530377

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