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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Ming Chung Restaurant

 Another return visit to Ming Chung Restaurant for an authentic Xing Hua Cuisine.

Ming Chung 

Prawn Paste Chicken or Har Cheong Gai is a popular dish in Singaporean & Malaysian Cuisine. This mouth-watering dish boasts a perfect balance of flavours and texture. These chicken pieces were well marinated in prawn paste and a mixture of seasonings, resulting in a delightful umami-rich taste with a hint of sweetness. The chicken is fried to a perfect golden brown and crispy on its exterior while the interior remains juicy and tender.

Prawn Paste Chicken - $11

A delightful combination of flavours and textures showcases the beauty of simple yet nutritional cooking. Kai Lan is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, while bean curd is a good source of proteins. If you are looking to add more greens to your meal, ensure that this dish is sure to please your palate leaving you feeling satisfied.

Kai Lan & Bean Curd Skin - $11

A delightful rendition of the traditional Lor Mee dish, incorporating Xing Hua noodles. These rice noodles are thick and are perfect for soaking up the rich and flavourful gravy. The gravy is a thick and glossy mixture which coats the noodles generously, infusing them with aromatic essence from the ingredients such as pork belly, eggs, yam, pork, and vegetables, elevating the dish to new heights.

Lor Mee (Braised Noodle) 鹵面 - $5.80

Tantalize your taste buds with Sweet & Sour Pork, a combination of tangy sweetness and crispy fried pork. The sweet and tangy sauce is a typical combination of vinegar, sugar, ketchup and soy sauce, offering a perfect contrast to the savoury richness of the fried pork. Garlic, ginger, and green onions, adding depth and complexity to the dish. 

Sweet & Sour Pork 咕嚕肉 - $13

Fried Batang Fish is a culinary that combines simplicity with incredible flavour. Its well seasoned with salt and pepper, deep fried to gold brown as well as a crispy exterior. Fried Batang Fish stands out in terms of its succulency and tender flesh. The fish itself has a mild and slightly sweet taste in nature. This timeless classic showcases the beauty of simplicity in cooking.

Fried Batang Fish 煎马交鱼 - $12

Featuring another delightful and flavourful dish that showcases the versatility of mee sua noodles. Cooked in a medley of ingredients such as pork, vegetables, mushrooms, cabbages, and spring onions accompanied by peanuts and seaweed. Simple yet reaching depth of flavours. The noodles absorb the essence of the seasonings and sauces, resulting a dish both savoury and fragrant.

Fried Mee Sua 炒面线 - $5.80

The seaweed is simmered in the broth, imparting its unique umami flavour and slight oceanic essence to the soup. The soup is light yet satisfying in nature. Other ingredients such as tofu, seafood, meat and mushroom enhance the flavours and profile to the dish.

Seaweed Soup 紫菜汤 - $5.80

Of all the staples of Xing Hua Cuisine, I never get their Fried Bee Hoon. Besides being a delightful dish with a harmonious blend of flavours, the fine and delicate texture of the Bee Hoon is to die for. The combination of garlic, onion, and vegetables adds savoury goodness. Proteins like pork belly, lean meat, and shrimp further enhance the dish with satisfying elements of the protein.

Fried Bee Hoon - $5.80

Besides enjoying the authentic cuisine, we ordered some beverages like Chinese tea and barley to pair along.

Barley & Tea 

While not many places offer authentic Xing Hua Cuisine, Ming Chung Restaurant is still one of the restaurants I look for. 

Rating: 3.25 / 5 

Ming Chung Restaurant
67 Maude Road (off Jalan Besar) Singapore 208348
Nearest Station: Jalan Besar (DT22)

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