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Friday, August 28, 2020

Ming Chung Restaurant

Henghua Cuisine is something I'm addicted to from time to time and it had been about 4 years since our last visit to Ming Chung Restaurant to enjoy the authentic Singapore Henghua Cuisine.

Ming Chung Restaurant


People of Henghua dialect group will term this as "Por Or 博哦". The deep and crispy fried Mackerel fish is marinated in their special soya sauce is tasty. It comes along with a small saucer of chilli sauce to give a good spicy kick to the dish.

Fried Batang Fish 煎馬交魚 - $10

Pronounced as "Chor Hua Ah 搓花啊" in Henghua language. Being clams lover, we can never miss this on the menu moreover this is one of their recommendations. Each and every calm is fresh and coated well in their homemade chilli sauce. You will not regret ordering this.

Stir-Fried Flower Clams (La La) 炒花蛤 (啦啦) - $12 (Small)

Wonder how to pronounce this in dialect? It's "Oh Lai Toon 哦喇吞”! The seaweed soup is ordered, satisfying my craving of soup dish for dinner. The dish is executed simply with seafood consisting of clams, prawns, eggs, peanuts and pork in a clear broth.

Seaweed Soup 紫菜汤 - $5

Ingredients Plentiful

The hungry man cannot resist an omelette from his meal and here comes the oyster omelette.

Oyster Omelette 蠔煎蛋 - $10

Yummy! Sweet and sour pork is pleasantly placed in front of our eyes in its beautiful colours made up of vegetables like coriander, cucumber, green pepper, onions and pineapple. The sour taste was robust and the dish was to die for. Every piece of meat was delicious and the bites strike a good balance between fatty and lean meat.  

Sweet & Sour Pork 咕嚕肉 - $12

The Henghua Lor Mee is significantly different from the Hokkien Yellow Mee drenched with thick gooey brown gravy we had. Theirs is white and this White Lor Mee is also better known as Rickshaw noodles, handmade and wok-braised in a white broth infused with robust flavours of hearty ingredients including pork, seafood, fried bean curd, yam and vegetables.

Lor Mee (Braised Noodles) 鹵面 - $5

The Fried Mee Sua is also known as a Longevity Noodles which is a mandatory dish on the first day of Chinese New Year for Henghua people. The stir-fried handmade wheat vermicelli dish is well cooked with seafood (Lala & Sotong), pork and vegetables topped with seaweed and peanuts. If you enjoy Henghua Fried Bee Hoon, the ingredients in this dish are pretty similar.

Fried Mee Sua 炒面线 - $7

It's quite amazing that we are able to stomach in 7 dishes for dinner because we simply missed the cuisine so much after a long period of time. 

Other than the biggest chains of Henghua restaurant in Singapore, it's not a very common sight of their stalls here, moreover the authentic and tradition of Ming Chung Restaurant since 1933 has given a good assurance to patrons on their well-executed dishes. She has been reputable throughout these years and definitely a good choice of eating place not only for those who enjoy the food but also serve a wonderful family gathering meal places during weekends especially.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Ming Chung Restaurant 
Location: 67 Maude Road (off Jalan Besar) Singapore 208348
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