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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Fu Qiang Pig Organ Soup 富强猪杂汤

We visited Fu Qiang Pig's Organ Soup Stall for a good spread of Kway Chap, Pig Ogran Soup as well as Braised Pig Trotter.

Fu Qiang Pig Organ Soup

The Braised Pig Trotter was well braised until meat easily fell off the bone. The Portion given was not very fatty and the braised sauce was delicious to pair with a plain bowl of rice. The skin was chewy with a layer of fat melting in the mouth.

Braised Pig Trotter 卤猪脚 - $6

The bowl of Pig's Organ Soup definitely fits the bill for it was flavourful and rich, filled with generous ingredients like meatballs, tofu, lean meat, intestine, stomach, pork belly etc. It was really appetizing with the preserved vegetables in the salty soury taste that made me not stop at just a few spoonfuls.

Pig's Organ Soup 猪杂汤 - $5

The standard of Kway Chap was there. Each and every item was cooked till softened with a decent braised taste. Ingredients were pretty standard with pork belly, intestines, tau pok, braised egg etc. Kway on the other hand was smooth, soaking up the broth.

Kway Chap 粿汁 - $5.50

The staff was friendly and attentive. Besides all these we had ordered, some patrons ordered their Bak Kut Teh too. The selection of dishes was wide from Fu Qiang Pig Organ Soup.

Our Meal 

Thank you Fu Qiang Pig's Organ Soup and Misssueann for extending the invitation.

Fu Qiang Pig's Organ Soup
420A Clementi Ave 1 #01-07 Singapore 121420

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