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Saturday, February 17, 2024

OK Chicken Rice & Humfull Laksa (West Coast)

Ok Chicken Rice and Humfull Prawn Laksa is a halal-certified chicken rice and laksa chain known to produce food using the best ingredients. Priding themselves on providing Award Chinese Authentic Cuisine to neighbourhoods that serve traditional Chinese customers and also conform to stricter dietary requirements without compromising their quality. They have been awarded 5 stars by BestFoody Singapore for 2023! To date, they have 12 stalls across the island.

OK Chicken Rice & Humfull Laksa

Here we are, pointing to various dishes on the menu and had them on our table.

Our Meal

Chicken Char Siew was sweet and savoury. The glossy red appearance makes it look appetising. The texture remains tender and the taste is addictive.

Char Siew Chicken - $7

We also have their Braised egg and Tofu.

Braised Egg + Tofu - $1 + $1

The vegetables were blanched then drenched with seasoning, followed by topping with fried shallot.  A simple dish that went so well with the plate of chicken rice. 

Vegetables (Xiao Bai Cai) - $3.50

Tender and succulent steam chicken was served with fragrant chicken rice tucked with some vinegared cucumber which gave a refreshing note to the popular and comforting dish in Singapore.

Steam Chicken Rice 

With 3 kinds of Laksa from the menu, Hum Laksa, Prawn Laksa and Chicken Laksa, its quite hard to decide which to have, thus we ended up with prawn Laksa topping up the order with "hum". The prawns were fresh and came with fish cake and half a boiled egg. The laksa broth is rich and aromatic. Its not spicy and overall taste was pretty indulging. 

Prawn Laksa + Hum - $6.50 + $2.50

The guy who manned the stall was friendly and service with a smile despite the constant incoming orders. 

OK Chicken Rice & Humfull Laksa (West Coast)
501 W Coast Dr, Singapore 120501

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