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Friday, February 16, 2024

BBQ Box (Chinatown)

With the Chinese Skewers aka Chuan Shao getting their popularity over the years in Singapore, we can see more and more of such eateries appearing near us. I must admit that I'm a "late boomer" in appreciating such delicacies but well, better late than never. 

We have been visiting different kinds of Grilled Chinese Skewers individual eateries over time and have finally visited BBQ Box which has a lot of outlets in Singapore.

With doors open till late and over years, BBQ Box is fast becoming a popular hot spot for casual suppers and after-work get together, especially outlets in Bugis, Geylang as well as Bukit Timah.

Interior BBQ Box

We prepared ourselves with a jug of Sparkling watermelon Yakult Drink to pair with our ordered skewers. It was refreshing.

Prosperity Sparkling Watermelon Yakult Drink

We had the set menu for 2, topping up with some ala carte orders.

For Starters
  • Spicy Cucumber 手拍黄瓜
  • Dumpling with Shrimp Leek & Egg 虾仁三鲜水饺 (12pcs)
BBQ Delights
  • Signature Mutton on Rose Willow Branch 红柳枝羔羊  (2 skewers)
  • Grilled Pork Sausage 烤猪肉香肠 (1 Skewer)
  • Grilled Orleans middle-loin pork 奥尔良猪颈肉 (2 skewers)
  • Cajun Roasted Chicken mid-wings 奥尔良中翅 (3 pcs)
  • Grilled Fresh Prawns with Sea Salt 碳烤海盐鲜虾串 (2 skewers)
  • Grilled Romaine Lettuce 烤油麦菜 (2 sets)
  • Grilled Potato Chip 烤土豆片 ) (1 set of 3 skewers)
  • Grilled whole Eggplant with special sauce 锡纸烤全茄 (1 Set)
Spicy Cucumber was not too spicy for a starter. They are appetising and good.

Abalone Marbled Beef Skewer (Left) - $6.80

Every skewer is placed onto the warmer with steel plate so that we can enjoy the warm and yummy sticks of skewers. The skewers that we had were decked up by the grilled romaine lettuce.  Did you spot that the 2 mutton skewer on rose wood too?

The Skewers

The dumplings were juicy and it went so well by dipping them into the chinese black vinegar.

Dumpling with Shrimp Leek & Egg 虾仁三鲜水饺 (12pcs)

The Grilled Premium Half Shell Scallops was a tad spicy and garlicky. Overall, it was quite tasty for us.

Grilled Premium Half Shell Scallops 2 Pcs - $9.80

The Cajun Roasted Chicken Mid-Wings were yummy and well roasted, sprinkled with roasted sesame. 

Cajun Roasted Chicken mid-wings 奥尔良中翅 (3 pcs)

Soft and spongy interior laid with a generous layer of delicious minced meat paste adorned with green coriander.

Grilled Eggplant 

The Teriyaki Chicken was drenched in the savoury sweet gravy garnished with onions and spring onions. The meat was charred at some parts and the only pet peeve that I had was that meat was tough.

Teriyaki Chicken

Man Tou

We were addicted to the skewers and ordered more. I also ordered my favourite grilled oyster mushrooms.

Additional Orders

While I was expecting to smell like "walking skewers" after the meal, I'm glad I not one after that. With so many BBQ Box outlets around, we will definitely be back for more.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

BBQ Box (Chinatown)
 262 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058811

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