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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Yanan Ban Mian Noodles 亚男扳面,面粉粿

We were back here again at Yanan Ban Mian Noodles by chance for the other stalls were having too many patrons in the queue. It caught my surprise that a few of the nearby tables were having some Hor Fun Dishes and I had finally order something similar.

We had the Seafood Lala Bittergourd Hor Fun. It was scrumptious with Hor Fun carrying "Wok Hei" flavours drenched in savoury black bean seafood gravy. Although the shells of the Lala may had broken, the seafood freshness together with the thinly sliced bittergourd made a perfect combination.

Seafood Lala Bittergourd Hor Fun 鼓汁海鲜啦啦河粉 - $6.80

I guessed I'm in the mood for Seafood Lala and I ordered their Seafood Lala Clam Soup too. Seafood ingredients were Lala, prawns and sliced fish. You can pair them with noodles or a bowl of white rice. It tasted good by itself too.

Seafood Lala Clam Soup 海鲜啦啦汤 - $6

Last posted 5th January 2024

While all the few stalls that we have been patronising were closed during our visit, we were kind of "pushed" to try new stalls. I decided to go for Fish Soup and noticed that the menu of the stall looks more interesting as compared to the other stall.

The stall is managed by a team of 2, with the lady preparing the food while the man taking the orders.

Stall of Yanan 

A nutritional bowl of Red Grouper Slice Fish Soup where you can opt to have cabbage or bitter groud as the vegetables in the bowl of soup. 

Red Grouper Slice Fish Soup 海红斑鱼片汤 - $9.50

The slices of Red Grouper were fresh and tender accompanied by the fragrant fried egg white and sweet-tasting soup.

Slices of Reg Grouper

We also ordered the Slice Fish Pork Ball Soup. The soup was as tasty with tomatoes, vegetables, minced pork ball, Batang fish and fried egg white too. 

Slice Fish Pork Ball Soup 鱼片肉丸汤 - $5.80

The minced meatball was tasty.


I did not realise that they are selling Ban Mian too, perhaps I will be back again for their noodles if I get the chance.

Rating: 3 / 5

Yanan Ban Mian Noodles 亚男扳面,面粉粿
79 Telok Blangah Dr, #01-29, Singapore 100079

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