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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Yamato Izakaya

When the Birthday Baby mentioned Yamato Izakaya for dinner, the wish was granted and here we go. It is located in Oxley Bizhub serving authentic Japanese Cuisine in the industrial area. Enjoy your spread of Japanese food with their comforting bowls of ramen and donburis to handmade gyozas and freshly grilled unagi over binchotan charcoal.

Yamato Izakaya

They do have open-air seating as well as an air-conditioned dining environment. For open air, you can bring your fur kids there too.


Before entering the restaurant

We were served with a bowl of fried garlic rice and it definitely made me happy with its classic fragrant fried pearl rice with egg and chopped spring onions garnishing.

Fried Garlic Rice - $11.90

The Tamagoyaki was below par even though the taste was right there with the sweet mirin. The egg texture was on the dry side and in our opinion, overcooked.

Tamagoyaki - $11.90

The steamed egg was perfectly done. We were impressed by its smooth and wobbly texture.

Chawanmushi - $7.90

This dish will satiate your tastebuds for Unagi was Bincho-tan charcoal grilled served with don set and condiments, dashi broth chazuke, seaweed soup. You can opt for the regular or crispy texture for the unagi. The regular will give you a tender and soft exterior while the crispy will be fluffy and crispy exterior.

Large Hitsumabushi - $49.50

We had the crispy selection of course. How to enjoy hitsumabushi? Divide the unagi rice into 4 portions and use the extra bowl to each one. 

(1) Enjoy the unagi as it is, without any toppings.
(2) Add half of condiments (spring onions, wasabi and nori)
(3) Create an ochazuke by adding condiments and dashi broth from the pitcher provided.
(4) Enjoy with additional sauce provided.

Crispy Unagi

The Premium Moriawase is good for 1-2 pax with 6 kind of sashimi, with 2 slices each. It was beautifully served in a bed of rice on the boat with shredded reddish and sliced cucumber followed by salmon, maguro, mekajiki, hamachi, hotate & tako. 

Premium Moriawase - $42.90

I was excited to see Teppanyaki on their menu and ordered the beef teppanyaki with vegetables. Juicy beef in dice was served together with fried beansprouts, mushrooms, capsicums and fried garlic. I enjoyed the taste but the dish is on a greasy side.

Beef Teppan - $29.90

A4 Miyazaki was good and definitely for the price to pay for. The texture of meat was tender and succulent. The other two we had was Buta slice wrapping up enoki and Pork belly with spring onion.

A4 Miyazaki Kushi, Buta Negi Kushi & Buta Enoki Kushi - $15.95, $5.20 & $5.50

The Yaki Buta was yummy and was cut into pieces for serving.

Yaki Buta - $19.90

A plate of sweet and savoury udon with pork was delicious. It was fragrant with eggs and garlic.

Buta Udon - $18.90

Chicken Thigh meat on skewer and spread with sweet savoury Teriyaki sauce. Yummy!

Yakitori - $3.95

Love their concept of the restaurant from having Unagi and Skewers on Binchotan Charcoal to Teppan Yaki and Sashimi. Having an Izakaya in the industrial area is unique enough, I do not mind making a return again for other dishes.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Yamato Izakaya
Oxley BizHub, 65 Ubi Rd 1, #01-92, Singapore 408729

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