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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

iSteaks (JEM)

 We were back here at iSteaks JEM once again for affordable Steak. Making a repeat order on their Nitro Nanyang Brew & House Lemon Tea suits us most.

Kopi O & House Lemon Tea - $4 Each

We had the 350g Ribeye Steak in Medium Doneness with mashed potato and Onion rings as sides. No question about the quality and that's why they are always packed with patrons during the peak hours. The cut was thick and beautifully done with charred crispy parts as well as its juiciness flesh.

New Zealand Ribeye 350g Steakhouse Char -$43.50

Yes, it is a little weird entering the steakhouse ordering Tilapia Fillet with 2 dies, Country Baked Beans and Coleslaw Salad. 

Meuniere Tilapia Fillet - $18.50

On a separate occasion, Its Christmas time and we were recommended with their Communal Feast. The Communal Feast is good for sharing among a group, party-sized or family. We opted for the oven-prepared (OP) Rib. requested for Medium Doneness, pasture fed and served with choices of 3 sides. 

Steakhouse Char 1000g - $98

While waiting for the oven to prepare our order, we were served with our selected sides, Onion Rings, Sauteed Brussels & Garlic Buttered eggplant.

Onion Rings

We munched on these sides and chatted throughout. We even finished our sides before the Main Course Came. The Sauteed Brussels were nicely done up with some bacon pairing up the dish.

Sauteed Brussels

The Garlic Buttered Eggplant was spongy and addictive among us.

Garlic Buttered Eggplant

The Cut was impressively thick but tender oven-prepared (OP) New Zealand Silver Fern Ribeye grilled with its fatty cap that gently melts and flavours the steak. Look at the charred and succulent Steak!

Elevate the taste by dipping them into black pepper or mushroom sauce. Yummy!

Dipping Sauce

Washing down our food with the tall glasses of beverages. The colleagues seemed very contented with the amount of Fresh Brew and sang with praises that money was well paid for this.

Iced Kopi Fresh Brew & Iced Teh Fresh Brew - $4 Each

The Lemonade Soda with Lychee was cool and refreshing. 

Lemonade Soda with Lychee - $6

Rating: 3.25 / 5

JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-08/09, Singapore 608549

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