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Sunday, January 28, 2024

DLLM Lok Lok

While we were thinking of dinner locations, my friend suggested this place that serves Lok Lok, a popular Malaysian Street Snack. Basically, these snack are meats and vegetables in skewers, boiled in hot water or deep fried in oil. 

Dinner Lok Lok Mou

There are 4 sauces available at the station. Condensed Milk, Chincalok, Sweet Spicy Chilli and Mala Chilli. While I was pondering what was the condensed milk for, my friend explained it best for this is to be paired with the Fried Man Tou.

Sauce Available

DLLM Lok Lok deep-fried every skewer by default and had them coated in savoury and sweet sauce. Regardless of ingredients, each skewer is priced at $1.

Our Order

The food was pleasant and was not over-fried. The good thing is that we did not free "Jelat" after eating them.

Lok Lok

Every item was indeed well-fried. The team running the dinner is pretty young and efficient. 

We ordered the Ah Ma Mee which is exactly our instant noodle served in MSG, cooked egg topped with fried shallots. While this dish may look simple and uninteresting, there were actually many of us ordering it to pair with the skewers.

Ah Ma Mee - $2.50

The place is airy and has good airflow. I do not mind being back here again even though the place is a little secluded.

Perhaps if you are missing Malaysian Snacks like this and do not want to cross the border, this can be an alternative selection.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

 511 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638366
Nearest Station: Joo Koon (EW29)

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