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Monday, January 29, 2024


Joining AMGD's mission to celebrate the joy of healthy eating. We enjoyed a selection of their delicious and nutritious meal ordering through their app. 

Entrust your diet plans with AMGD as they have evidence-based food curated by dieticians and nutritionists.

Get spoilt by choices & Feel Good After Food. Check out their Bentos, poke bowls, soups, sandwiches, drinks, cold brews, cold-pressed juices, snacks, and desserts. 

It's good that we can plan ahead our meals by pre-ordering, and setting the delivery dates and times, therefore for myself, I plan ahead a day before for this meal

Our Orders

It feels good when you have food served to your doorsteps especially when you are back from a hard day of work. Apart from the hectic working day, it's a repetitive question that we ask ourselves about "what to eat" in the next meal and scratching, pulling our hair what to cook.

"Uncover" & Reveal

Attracted by the slices of avocado and salmon, I added this to the cart. Juicy Salmon was cooked to perfection and decked with crunchy shredded cabbages, making us forget that we were on a diet.


Sautéed cabbage
Sautéed cherry tomatoes
Shimeji mushrooms
Sliced carrots
Sliced zucchini
Sliced avocado
Diced capsicum
Sunflower seeds

Dressing: Sundried tomato pesto

606 kcal

Fisherman Brown

What a cute name. I haven't seen a catwalk, not to mention a chicken walk. The name caught my attention. Here we go, feeding our bones with protein and creating our signature walk with AMGD's best-seller in the house!

Drenching my succulent boneless grilled chicken with yummy honey mustard. The chicken has hints of herbal taste and that totally fits the bill. 

Fusilli was served with parmesan cheese and I love the Shimeji mushrooms, diced cucumber bits, and the ingredients listed. 

Chicken Walk's Ingredients: 

Boneless grilled chicken (chicken parts based on availability)
Pasta coated with parmesan cheese
Mixed greens
Shimeji mushrooms
Roasted cherry tomatoes
Almonds/Cashews (subject to availability)

Dressing: Honey mustard

530 kcal

Chicken Walk

Besides healthy and natural ingredients, they also care for the planet by using natural packaging.

Interestingly, AMGD offers Meal Plans tailored to individual needs. Do visit their website to find out more.

Thank you AMGD for introducing such healthy, and convenient food. Do remember to grab your healthy and delicious food from AMGD. Island-wide delivery is available.


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