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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Crazy Western Noodle House

A remote and quiet place in the industrial estate of Hillview serving Western and Noodle. While noodles are only available during the daytime, thus we usually order Western food. They also have a rice bowl too. The Menu was rather extensive.


There are 2 types of chicken chop, black pepper or mushroom and we chose the latter. The slab of chicken chop was well marinated and was served with a thin crispy layer thin. The meat was juicy with mushroom sauce separated. Sides like garden salad, butter corn kernels and potato wedges were served.

Mushroom Chicken Chop - $8.90

The Fish & Chips was kind of being raved on the Google review and let's give it a try. The layer of batter was soft yet crispy and the fish tasted above my expectation. At least it did not taste like that cheaper grade of fish fillet. It comes with Garden Salad as a side too.

Fish & Chips - $8.90

If you are hungry and have a bigger appetite, you may want to try out their mixed grill. We ordered the Chicken, Pork & Striploin Steak. It was served with potato wedges, and garden salad. The chicken and pork were very well marinated and the striploin steak portion was generous. 

Mixed Grilled (Chicken & Pork & Striploin Steak) - $27.90

The herbs gave the tender meat add additional flavour and that style suits our tastebuds. 


I was craving for something creamy and rich, thus ordered a Steaky Bacon Carbonara. The spaghetti texture was Al Dente and carbonara always tasted best when served right away to enjoy the creamy sauce. The dish was topped with green parsley and egg. For my liking, I prefer that the Bacon can be a little bit crispier or fried. 

Steaky Bacon Carbonara - $8.50

Having tried their Western Food from Tabao to dine in, I will want to make an attempt to return for the noodles.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Crazy Western Noodle House
31 Hillview Terrace #01-03, Singapore 669249

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