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Thursday, January 4, 2024

8 Degrees (Jalan Besar) 8度空間

With the increasing number of Taiwanese Cafe in Singapore, 8 Degrees is one of the popular ones among us to go to for authentic Taiwanese Food. The place is easily located as they are just located beside the popular Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup.

8 Degrees (Jalan Besar) 

Interior was rather simple without much decorations.

Dining Interior

While on their menu, it mentioned that their Pork Belly Rice has New Improved Taste using Premium Taiwanese Soya Sauce. Looking at the picture, it's hard to not order that boiwl of Pork Belly Rice.

New Improved Taste

In the mood for Milk Tea and we had Grass Jelly and Pearl Milk Tea to pair with our Taiwanese Food.

Milk Tea with Pearl & Grass Jelly Milk Tea 招牌珍珠奶茶,仙草冻奶茶 - $5.90 & $6.90

Ta-da! Here's what we had ordered!

Our Orders

It's not only the Signature Dish on the menu but also a real crowd-pleaser. This Snack carries a good flavour of their secret spice mix. The chunks of chicken thigh were tender and deep fried. 

Salted Chicken 招牌盐酥鸡 - $7

Best of all, it's not too oily.

Individual Tender Chicken Chunk

I almost wanted to give this side a miss when I looked into the menu for I thought its the starchy Omelette we had in Taiwanese. Luckily it was not what I had thought. I was deep-fried in a round pancake shape topped with coriander and drenched in okonomiyaki sauce encasing oysters and lettuce within.

Oyster omelette 八度蚵仔煎 - $8.80

The bowl of Signature Pork Belly Rice is their Best Seller. It has a new improved taste, using premium Taiwanese Soya Sauce. It has a unique homemade flavour complementing the pearl rice with the slow-simmered braised pork.

Signature Pork Belly Rice 招牌八度卤肉饭 - $6

Another Bestseller on their menu!. Their Red Mee Sua is imported from Taiwan, and served with fresh oysters and braised chitterlings. The stock of the Mee Sua has a subtle taste of Bonito Flavours. The meal was topped with condiments like Coriander and fried onion. Love the fact that the oysters as well as the Chitterling were very clean and freshly prepared.

Chitterling & Oyster Mee Sua 综合面线 - $7

There is also Chicken Mee Sua on the menu besides Chittering or Oyster Mee Sua.


Before leaving a place, let's have a bowl of dessert. The dessert has grass jelly, peanuts, yamballs and red beans. The dessert was not too sweet and not very cold. It will be perfect who those who do not take so much sweet food.

Grass Jelly w Yamball 招牌仙草芋圓 - $6

Besides having this outlet in Jalan Besar, there are another 2 more outlets in Kovan and Sembawang.

Thank You Scale Micro Influencer for the invitation.

8 Degrees
20 foch Road Singapore 209261

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