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Saturday, December 16, 2023

En Yakiniku [Media Invite]

Having patronised En Sushi last year which is located on the 2nd level of the same building, I had kind of benchmarked the quality of food based on my last pleasant experience.

En Yakiniku

While EN Yakiniku introduced us to a match made in heaven known as Sake Tengoku. It was a perfect matrimony of the freshest seafood selection with Premium Japanese Sake and a superior broth prepared over a charcoal grill. 

EN Yakiniku

The interior lighting was out of my expectations. It's more of red, blue and orange in colors.

What an environment

The En Sashimi serves 5 kinds of Sashimi, We get 3 pieces each of Salmon, Maguro, Hamachi, Mekajiki and Tako served on a stone plate and well decorated with a leaf, flower and shredded radish. You will get a similar dish on the menu when we dine at En Sushi.

En Sashimi - $32.40

Deep fried kimchi dumplings was served with Mayonnise too.

Kimchi Gyoza - $10

Deep fried chicken was pretty ordinary too.

Tori Karaage - $8.40

We enjoyed these Deep-fried sweet shrimps aka Amaebi Karaage with a dollop of Mayonnaise before our mains were served.

Amaebi Karaage $5.40

Beef Balls were deep-fried to a crispy exterior. It may look dry on the outside but once you sink your teeth into the meat ball, you will find the juiciest within.

Beef Balls

We also have the Grilled bacon-wrapped enoki mushroom skewers

Enoki Bacon - $14

New on En Yakiniku's menu, is the Wagyu Ochazuke. The Ochazuke is a simple Japanese Dish made by pouring green tea, dashi or hot water over cooked rice. The hot green tea is pour over the rice and wagyu with pickles, seasme seeds and wasabi.

Wagyu Ochazuke

The bowl of Wagyu Ochazuke was simple yet delightful packed with subtle fragrance of green tea.

Let's Eat

Every table has a stove for the Charcoal. While waiting for the Charcoal to be ready, we were enjoying our appetizers.

Charcoal Grill

Over the Charcoal Fire, we were served with a stack of 3 layers of steamer, with the first layer having fresh seafood (prawns and Asari) steamed with their Premium Japanese Sake. The Sake smells so good and was perfect with the clams and prawns. 

First Tier - Fresh Seafood with Premium Japanese Sake

While the server poured the Premium Japanese Sake onto the first tier, the excess Sake did not go to waste, instead, it flowed into the 2nd Tier of the steamer with Garlic Scallops on it. The scallops were yummy with vermicelli and lots of minced garlic. 

2nd Tier - Scallop with Garlic

Revealing the last layer where the goodness is found. Premium Sake and seafood essences together with their bubbling hot unami seafood broth. Together with Wagyu Slices, Egg Yolk and Porridge, 

Last Tier - Wagyu Porridge

The end product was superb. Love the thick gooey consistency of porridge and its taste with the yummy slices of wagyu.


Shitake Mushrooms

The part of the meat was illustrated by a piece of paper on every plate that we had ordered. The Buta Bara for instance has the pork belly indicated on the piece of paper. The meat was slightly coated with a layer of sauce, in preparation for the grill.

Buta Bara

I'm quite nervous upon seeing the word "beef tongue" as I'm unsure what it tastes like. Luckily this tasted fine with sliced beef tongue wrapping up the seasoned rice balls.

Temari Gyu Tan

Grilling Temari Gyu Tan and Shitake Mushrooms

The Thin Slices of Beef Tongue aka Gyu Tan was topped with a bed of spring onions for a greater balance of taste and texture. It was grilled on the underside for a long period then rolled up, wrapping up the spring onions together.

 Negi Gyu Tan [Shio] - $27.90

The A4 Wagyu Striploin was beautiful with a good consistency in its marbling.

A4 Wagyu Striploin

The Zabuton is considered as one of the more premium and favourable cuts of beef. Every piece of the Zabuton cut is marbled and was tender, not only that rich in flavour too. 


Thanks to the server, who skillfully grilled them over the charcoal, allowing us to enjoy the succulency of the meat.

Grilling Zabuton

Buta Bara

We elevate the dining experience by pairing up the BBQ meat with the given kimchi, lettuce, dabbing the preferred sauce, wrapped them up and put into our mouths.

Wrap the meat

The server asked for the preferred doneness of the meat and grilled according to our preferences

Cutting up the meat

We had the thin sliced A5 Wagyu with Japanese Raw Egg mixed with Truffle. 

Thin Slice A5 Wagyu with Japanese Raw Egg & Truffle 

It was a total indulgence in a great combination of A5 Wagyu and an unforgettable taste with truffle fragrance.


I had my best Yakiniku experience from En's. Thank you Lao Niang Agency and En Yakiniku for the invitation.

En Yakiniku
Midland House, 112 Middle Rd, #01-00A, Singapore 188970

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