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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Good Bites [Media Invite]

Good Bites has recently reopened after a minor facelift from a neon-filled exterior theme to a trending Glamping Theme. Look at the tentage setup with the portable chairs and tables, it definitely gives a good feel for outdoor activities.

While we all thought that the cafe was opened in an inconspicuous location at Level 3 of Bishan ActiveSG Sports Hall, we were all amazed by how bustling the place was.

The alfresco dining area is divided into 2 kinds of glamping environments and is well-illuminated. With one side featuring the desert vibe while the other featuring the planet vibes. 

Entrance Walkway of Good Bites

The vibes and mood of the alfresco area really did give a different dining experience. Enjoy the starry starry night under this romantic setting.

Alfresco Dining Area

Entering the Cafe

Desert Vibe

A combination of savoury crispy fried chicken with freshly baked waffles. The sweet and fluffy waffle creates a unique and delicious flavour contrast. We drizzled some maple syrup to enhance the savoury elements. Love the comforting food that combines the texture and flavours.

Fried Chicken & Waffle - $16.90

The party basket is a very good choice of side for sharing if you are dining in a group. The basket has 8 pcs calamari, 6 pcs of spicy mid-wings and sweet potato fries served with tartar sauce.

Party Basket - $18.90

If you are a Burger and fries person, Good Bites offers 7 kinds of Burgers for you to choose from. We ordered their Fat Prawn Burger. Homemade Prawn Patty, with sliced tomato, lettuce and cheese topped with tartar sauce. Every Burger Set comes with Cajun Fries.

Fat Prawn Burger - $17.50

Unsure what to grab from their Mains? We had the recommended Baked Salmon from their menu. The Salmon was perfectly done with a crisp layer of skin while retaining a good texture and juicy salmon meat. Its served with seasoned vegetables, sauteed mushrooms and a bed of yummy mashed potatoes. Pair them with the delectable herb cream sauce!

Baked Salmon - $19.90

Linguine was cooked to its correct texture and tossed in fragrant butter, garlic and chilli. The chicken ham was cut into little cubes, providing a savoury and meaty element.

Pasta Aglio Olio (Turkey Bacon & Chicken Ham) - $14

Enjoy their signature Tom Yum Seafood Pasta or Tom Yum Chicken Pasta. The tangy and spicy flavours tickled our taste buds. It was addictive with pasta cooked to the correct texture.

Tom Yum Pasta (Seafood) - $15.50

Indulging in their Fruitty Frappe and we had both from their menu. The Mixed Berries Frappe was "berry-licious". We were overwhelmed by the overflowing of Berries. What I like about it was that the frappe was not too sweet and was refreshing with the vibrant flavours of the berries.

Mixed Berries Frappe - $8.90

Another delightful and refreshing Frappe that gave a creamy texture. The frappe is perfect for a hot day or simply a delightful treat if you are in the mood for anything cool and fruity. 

Mango Frappe- $8.90

A unique refreshing twist on the classic Americano with Sparkling Passionfruit drink.

Passionfruit Sparkling Americano - $9

Enjoy the best of both worlds of Croissant and Waffle? Try their Speculoos Croffle! Get a try of the combination of the flaky layers of a croissant waffle with the spiced sweet flavour of speculoos. 

Assorted Croffle - $10

Having tried their Molten Chocolate Lava Cake at Citrus By the pool, we were all tempted to ordering this as our dessert. The Rich Chocolate Lava had the right amount of sweetness.

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Love the warm gooey chocolate lava that packed the richness of chocolatey goodness coupled with the generous scoopy of vanilla Ice Cream. If you are there for an occasion, you may want to request them to write something on the serving plate instead. 

Chocolatey Goodness

Similar to Citrus By the Pool located in Woodlands, they operate daily, from 11am to 5am the next day. Now we know where to go again if we are in this area at the wee hours.

Thank you Ericia & Good Bites for the invitation. 

Good Bites
  Bishan ActiveSG Sports Hall, 5 Bishan Street 14, #03-01, Singapore 579783

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