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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Peach Garden [Media Invite]

If you ask me about the long-standing restaurant chains serving Authentic Chinese Cuisine in Singapore, one of them will be Peach Garden. In today context, Peach Garden Group comprise of 1 fine dining Restaurant, 2 Chinese Restaurants, 2 Chinese Casual Dining Concepts and an outdoor catering arm which caters for weddings as well as events.

They are reputable and popular among Singaporeans. Besides serving delectable dim sum, Peach Garden's Signature Dishes include Wasabi Prawns, Crispy Peking Duck etc. Dishes are plated with fresh ingredients too.

Peach Garden @ Chinatown Point

Our Chinese Dining kick starts with their Deep Fried Pumpkin with Salted Egg Yolk. Each pumpkin has a thin crisp layer of Salted Egg Crust Coating that gives a soft and crispy bite. The combination of savoury Salted Egg Yolk and sweet nature pumpkin was superb.

Fried Pumpkin with Salted Egg 咸蛋南瓜

We had their Fried Carrot Cake with XO Chilli Sauce. The dish was tasty with generous use of eggs & dried shrimp that enhanced the taste of the plain carrot cake. It was also fried with bean sprouts and topped with spring onions.

Fried Carrot Cake with XO Chilli Sauce 酱炒萝卜糕

Before the Chef demonstrated his professional culinary skills to us, we managed to get a pose of him with the Roasted Peking Duck.

The Chef

Peking Duck is one of their Signature Dishes, look at the glistening skin that comes with a delightful crunch as the chef skillfully landed his shiny chopper to cut out these cracking pieces and served them to us in wrapped up in their handmade egg wrap.  

Chef’s Work in Progress

The dish is not only savoury and affordable. It is worth every dollar paid especially with their current promotion. This Chinese Dish was adorned with our National Flower. 

Roasted Crispy Peking Duck 北京烤鸭

I could not resist grabbing these wraps and topping it up with my favourite condiments like spring onion. Besides the cracking crunch from the Peking Duck Skin, the cuts of Rock Melon and Cucumbers also give additional crunch to this delicacy. I spread the sweet savoury sauce on it and sum it up with a crunch in my mouth.

Peking Duck with Handmade Egg Wrap

We were “wow” by the aesthetic presentation of this dish. It was served with the effect of smokiness from the dry ice with some water sound in the background, featuring some zen atmosphere. What a good effect! 

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Salt and Pepper accompanied with
 Roasted Crispy Pork with Black Truffle 椒盐软壳蟹拼黑松露烧肉

The Deep-Fried Soft soft-shell crab with Salt & Pepper was not greasy and palatable while Roasted Crispy Pork lands a good crackling skin texture with a boost in aroma by the Black Truffle Sauce used. 

Soft Shell Crab

The Double- Boiled Collagen Chicken Soup with Abalone in Young Coconut was rich and tasty. The presentation scored too. They even make use of the burning fire to heat up the soup and also added some coconut aroma to the dish at that instant. 

Double- Boiled Collagen Chicken Soup with Abalone in Young Coconut

Enjoy the nourishing and comforting serving of Collagen Chicken Soup which has potential health benefits - aids in improving the skin’s elasticity. 

Abalone in Soup

Their dishes were appealing. The Wasabi Salad Cream as well as the Salted Egg Prawn was decked up by fruits (dragron fruit & watermelon). 

Prawn in Two Styles (Wasabi Salad Cream & Salted Egg Yolk)

While the skin of the Peking Duck was used for the wraps, the left over meat was soaked up in batter and deep fried. It would be better if the sizes can be smaller, closer to bite-size. Otherwise, the texture and flavour is good.

Deep Fried Duck Meat

Duck Meat was also used as ingredients for this yummy serving of Ee Fu noodle. This dish looks simple but was flavourful and texture of noodles was perfect.

Ee Fu Noodle 

Well-braised broccoli with fresh crab meat and gluten puff was tantalising. Its sweet flavours from the crab meat had elevated the taste for the entire dish.

Braised Broccoli with Fresh Crab Meat and Gluten Puff 鲜豆根蟹肉扒西兰花

The sweet & sour pork with lychee was savoury and every ball of pork was coated evenly in its sweetness.

Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychee 荔枝古老肉

Their Signature Claypot Rice was aromatic with the plum vegetables as well as the shredded duck meat. The striking green coriander leaves enhanced its colour presentation. 

Signature Claypot Rice with Shredded Duck & plum Vegetables

The taste got saltier as we ate. No doubt that this dish is savoury and fragrant, it will be better if the salty level can be reduced.

Yummy Rice

Our stomachs were too bloated and yes finally, we saw our last dish from the menu - The Chilled Jelly Royale in Young Coconut. While it’s the last on menu, this dish never fail to impress in its presentation. The dry ice effect was beautiful and with the colourful "tadpoles" swimming in the "pond".

Chilled Jelly Royale in Young Coconut 椰盅白玉冰

Love the popping effect from the "tadpoles" & chilling cool jelly with coconut drink, not forgetting the soft tender coconut flesh.

Cooling & Refreshing

Special Thanks to Lao Niang Agency and Peach Garden for their hospitality and invitation.

Peach Garden
Chinatown Point,133 New Bridge Road #02-36 Singapore 059413

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