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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Hello Arigatou Everton Park

Since everyone was talking about Sandos, we decided to try it out at Hello Arigato. The interior of A Hello Arigato is simple and their concept is making use of locally sourced and freshly imported ingredients. They believe that a great dining experience starts with Hello.


With limited seating, dining timing is also capped at 45 minutes. 


Milk Doughnuts are available from 0830 Hrs Onwards and are freshly made and best consumed within the day of purchase. They offer a good range of flavours. We had their Kani Cream and Oolong Donut.

Milk Doughnuts
The doughnuts were savoury and savoury. A bit crispy with crumbs on the outside with soft and chewy interior. It was served hot which makes the experience better. Kani Cream was made up of Blue Swimmer Crab, Kani Stick, Sweet Corn and Cream Bechamel while the Oolong Donut cream was fragrant and light, just like the tea itself.

Kani Cream & Oolong Donut - $6.50 Each

We had Matcha Latte and Black Coffee with the Milk Donuts.

Matcha Latte & Black Coffee - $7 & $5

Honeycomb Latte was delightful. The latte was good, topped with pieces of honeycomb. It has a good balance of coffee aroma and acidity.

Hojicha Latte & Honeycomb Latte- $7 & $7.50 (Cold)

We had their outlet exclusive Salted Egg Tater Tots. It was also a new item on their menu. 

Salted Egg Tater Tots - $12

These Crispy Fried Tater Tots or Mini Hash Browns were drizzled with their Homemade Salted Egg Yolk Sauce and topped with Cereals and curry leaves.

Tater Tots Aka Hash Brown

All their Sandos are freshly breaded, and prepared and contain Mayonnaise.  Whisky BBQ Katsu Sando is also their outlet-exclusive item. The Sando is stomach-filling. This Freshly Breaded Chicken Katsu was large, spread with Suntory Whiskey BBQ Sauce, Melted Cheddar, and Apple Slaw sandwiched by Japanese Milk Bread.

Whisky BBQ Katsu Sando - $18

When I saw the menu, I can took my eyes away from the word "Wagyu" and had ordered this Sando. Their Wagyu Hamburg Beef Patty was homemade and made up of minced meat. It came with caramelised sweet onion Jam, American Cheddar and Japanese Milk Bread.

Wagyu Hamburg Gyu Sando - $28

I prefer the Wagyu Hamburg Gyu Sando compared to the Whisky BBQ Katsu Sando. Do take note the visiting time as some items on the menu are only available after a certain time.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Hello Arigatou Everton Park
4 Everton Park, #01-42, Singapore 080004

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