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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Zhan Yuan Pig Organ Soup 展源猪杂汤

We visited Zhan Yuan Pig Organ Soup as I'm craving for Pig Organ Soup. With a good number of selections on the menu, diners can get to choose either rice or noodles as well as dishes like their signature pork trotter rice. 

Zhan Yuan Pig Organ Soup 展源猪杂汤

Here's our order. We ordered the yam rice and it was kind of plain. Thus if you are looking for a stronger taste of yam rice, you may want to take up their plain rice instead.

Our Meal - $20.80

Sweet and yummy cabbage as well as carrot was softened. However, the pieces of cabbage were big and it would be better to have them served in smaller pieces.

Cabbage - $1.20

Saw these peanuts taken out from the canned food. They are a good side to our meal too.

Peanuts - $1.20

The Pig's Trotter was well-braised and tender. The braised sauce was simply good to go with our bowl of rice.

Pig's Trotter - $6

By tasting the Braised Large Intestine, one will know that a lot of effort has been given to ensure that it tastes clean without any gamey taste. It was well braised and there is no doubt about its cleanliness. 

Braised Large Intestine - $6

Pig organ soup has a good blend of flavours and tasted appetizing till the point I could not resist drinking that bowl of soup spoon after spoon. The broth serves as a canvas for a medley of ingredients, from tender slices of pork liver to the earthy chunks of pork stomach. Simply love it.

Pig Organ Soup - $5

Even though it was a one-man show during my visit, the uncle was friendly and he is a fast worker with queues cleared swiftly. We do not mind to be back again.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Zhan Yuan Pig Organ Soup
Seah Im Food Center, 2 Seah Im Rd, #01 27, Singapore 099114

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