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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Uncle Louis Chicken Rice

If you are a fan of the XO Fish Noodles of this Dover Crescent Coffeeshop, I bet you are no stranger to the snaky queue up in front of Uncle Louis Chicken Rice Stall. In fact, this is the most popular stall in the coffee shop that demands a wait for half an hour. No doubt that they are always packed with such a crowd, but the stall owner remains polite and humble. I was there early and was first in the queue even before the stall opened for that day.

Stall of Uncle Louis

We ordered Roast Duck, Char Siew and Poached Chicken with Gizzard. The rice was fragrant and flavourful. The chicken was well executed and dipping them into the chilli was yummy.

3 Kinds of Meat

 The Char Siew has sweet and savoury notes with subtle smokiness from the BBQ. The pork was well marinated, resulting in a symphony of tastes that linger on the palate. This sweet blend of savoury and smoky char siew is a must-order!

Char Siew

We added an additional dollar for the gizzards. For the roast duck, we find that its quite ordinary even though it still tasted on the delicious side in the thin crispy skin.

Roast Duck

The soups are free and I'm pretty impressed with the taste as it tasted as though you are buying additional steamed soup. It was sweet tasting with pork and not diluted.

3 Meat and 1 Gizzard - $13

For the price that we are paying, its quite reasonable for the standard for food and portion.
For the next visit, I would like to order the Roast Chicken and Roast Pork if there is a chance.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Uncle Louis Chicken Rice
 19A Dover Cres, Singapore 131019

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