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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Union "Chee Pow Kai"

 After shifting its stall to a few places, Union "Chee Pow Kai" is being located back to the original location at the same coffee shop but in a renovated environment. The renovation had kind of maximise the use of space and more new stall fronts had surfaced.

Union "Chee Pow Kai"

Pricing had been increased after the move. Each piece of chicken cost $2.40 now. No doubt that the taste still tastes as good and fragrant. I'm starting to feel the pinch for my meal by spending. Nonetheless, I start self-consoling that we only have this once in a blue moon.

10 Pieces of Chicken - $24

There are still customers who called in a made orders then collect them in tubs. Seriously, the Chinese Wine had strongly infused the chicken meat and every piece is well marinated too.

Yummy Paper Wrapped Chicken

While previously when they were located in Clementi Road, there were many other items on the menu like Prawn Fritters, Fried Rice Etc. How I wish they can bring back those items in the good old days. 

While having just Chicken is not enough, we had the Egg Noodles too. They were tossed in fragrant condiments and topped with some greens. Well, still simple and favourable to us. 

Egg Noodles - $5 

Rating: 4 / 5

Union Chee Pow Kai
Blk 267A Toh Guan Road, Singapore 601267

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