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Friday, September 15, 2023

Awagyu Restaurant

The first time we went was about a week back before we made a return to Awagyu again. We were quite disappointed as we did not manage to grab a table as a walked-in customer on a Weekday Evening and were given a time slot that was not ideal for dinner. 

We had learnt our lesson and on the 2nd visit, we decided to make a reservation before heading down and be there early so that there would be parking lots.


We were warmly welcomed by the staff and the theme of the dining place gave patrons a zen feeling.


Menu was thick, extensive with good variety. emphasize a calming and minimalist ambiance, incorporating elements such as wooden furniture, soft lighting, and traditional Japanese artwork or decorations like ikebana (flower arrangements) and shoji screens.


Like most Japanese restaurants, Awagyu also emphasizes a calming and minimalist ambiance, incorporating elements such as wooden furniture, soft lighting, and traditional Japanese artwork or decorations like shoji screens.


We were kind of enchanted by this short scenic walkway from our dining area to the toilet. It was path with pebbles and faux sakura trees along the way.

Just beside this path, you will see 2 private areas with Tatami dining. It looked so cosy and as usual, no shoes is allowed into the dining area. This kind of dining incorporates traditional Japanese design elements, including shoji screens, and natural materials like wood and paper. This creates a serene and visually pleasing environment.

Private Dining

If you are having some occasions and dining in groups, it will be a great idea for some private dining here.

Dining Area

The bamboo decorations add texture and a touch of nature to interior spaces. These coverings had given enhanced the Japanese garden feel as they were highlighted on the walls of walkway.

Bamboo Decorations

We had the Yakiniky Combo Set which is suitable for 2-3 pax. The Set comprises of 
- 7 kind platters weighing 350g of meat
- 2 cups of Chawanmushi 
- 2 Pcs of Hotate Mentai Yaki
- 2 Bowls of Steam Rice
- 2 pcs of California Maki 
- Green Coral Drink
- Wafu Green Salad
- Kimchi Pickles
- 2 bowls of Miso Soup

Coral Green

The Chawanmushi was pretty ordinary and smooth while Kimchi was quite appetizing to me even though I'm not a fan of Korean Food. 

Chawanmushi & Kimchi

The Wafu Green Salad was refreshing with some citrus dressing with lettuce, tomatoes and hard-boiled egg.

Wafu Green Salad 

If tobiko adds tiny, delicate bursts of saltiness and a slightly fishy flavor.  The crunchy cuts of cucumber provide a refreshing and crisp element to the roll. It help to balance out the other ingredients and adds a pleasant crunch.

Califonia Maki

The 7 kind platters of 350g comprised of Momo, Bara, Ude, Shinshin, Katarosu, Kuri and Karubi. Not to worry about the foreign names as each item is illustrated with a different part of the cow.

7 Kind Platter 350g

Ichibo (D Rump) - RM 96, Chuck Loin - RM 85 & Tokjo Karubi (Chuck Short Rib) - RM 106 

We started off with the friendly staff assistance. She showed her professional duties by helping us to barbeque some slices of the wagyu to the doneness we requested.

Barbeque Starts

This is a popular Japanese dish that features scallops  (hotate) grilled with mentaiko. The combination of texture and flavours as well as the contrast between the sweetness of the scallops and savory mentaiko sauce was good.

Hotate Mentai Yaki (2 Pcs)

The unagi sushi was garnished with sesame seeds which added flavor and visual appeal to the sushi. The texture is delightful, satisfying our tastebuds.

Unagi Sushi - RM 34

The marbling of the meat contributes a rich, butter and melt in your mouth texture. Love this quality of the Wagyu beef and it was remarkable.


Enjoy savouring them down with some lettuce or even some raw egg wash.

Lettuce and Egg

Grab some lettuce and wrap it over some BBQ Beef, add some sauce and pop them into your mouth

Meat & Lettuce

The biggest slab of meat of all and it took a long time to cook. Eventually, we had it cut out evenly among ourselves. This cut has a meat texture similar to the tenderloin and the marbling of the red meat is well balanced out. 


The texture of the Cuttlefish was not too bad but it kind of lacked the savoury taste that we had all eaten. Nonetheless, I would say this dish was pretty decent. 

Ika Teriyaki - RM 36

This place is definitely spot-on and the food is wonderful with the quality. It is worth every penny spent for the Wagyu! Moreover, the staff were attentive and let's go back again!

Awagyu Restaurant
25c, Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir, Taman Abad, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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