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Tuesday, August 8, 2023


I first know of WAWA LALA Bee Hoon during the covid period where we can only order food online. I was impressed by the quality of food during then. I'm quite excited when I heard that they are located at Margaret Drive which is a stone's throw away from the Queenstown MRT station. 

WaWa Lala Bee Hoon 

WaWa's Lala and Cockles are daily imported and kept live in their self-built clam aquarium before going into the kitchen. They are fresh and naturally sand-less.

Dining Area & Serving counter.

Fred not if you are bringing young diners aged 12 and below who do not eat clams or cockles. WAWA also do offer the Grilled Chicken Kids Pasta.

Grilled Chicken Kids Pasta - $6.90

Let's start by ordering all their dishes on the menu! The refreshing clam soup noodles were good and reminded me of the natural sweetness of the Clams. You can opt to have Rice or glass noodle, and if you want to have it plain, you can order just the soup without noodles.

Refreshing Clam Soup Noodles 招牌正宗米酒啦啦粉 - $8.90

If you are a fan of Lala with Chinese Wine, you may want to pick this. The clear soup was strongly infused with Chinese wine and a Signature on their menu. You can choose either rice or glass noodle.

Authentic Clam Noodles with Chinese Wine - $8.90

Fresh Clam

"Si Hum" aka Cockles Fans wanted! These Teochew Style Marinated live Cockles were fresh and juicy. WaWa team handpick them, half-boiled and manually half-shells them to ensure that they are easy for the consumers to devour. WAWA Special Sauce complements the natural sweetness of the cockles with an umami-packed flavour in every bite. Enjoy the tangy and a tad spicy treat! 

Fresh Cockles Marinated in WAWA Special Sauce 特制叁巴辣椒鲜蛤 - $12.90

Besides having Fresh Cockles Marinated in WAWA Special Sauce, you may want to devour these Cockles with the powerful sambal sauce. 

Power Sambal Cockles 特制叁巴辣椒啦啦- $8.90

Next up, the Chef also recommends these Fresh Clams in Signature Homemade Garlic Butter Sauce.

Fresh Clams in Signature Homemade Garlic Butter Sauce - $8.90

Vongole Pasta is one of my all-time favourites on the Pasta Menu in any restaurant. The Spaghetti is creamy and the texture was not too soft.

Spaghetti Vongole - $10.90

How about giving Sambal Clams another variation, with Lala instead of cockles?

Power Sambal Clams 特制叁巴辣椒啦啦 - $8.90

We can taste the clams' freshness even in the robust sambal sauce.


While the menu has noodles and pasta, they also have a dish with rice. If you want to go something with the power sambal clams, they have it paired with fragrant tasty rice. 

Power Sambal Clams with Tasty Rice 特制叁巴辣椒啦啦配香味菜饭 - $10.90

Last but not least, we ordered 3 of the sides on their menu. Fresh Clam Chawanmushi was smooth but it can be better with a stronger clam taste. The garlic butter toast reminded me of a childhood snack and it paired well with the garlic butter sauce. The spicy Buffalo Drumlets were not too bad and were not overly spicy.

Fresh Clam Chawanmushi 啦啦茶碗蒸 - $4.50, Crispy Butter Toast with Garlic Butter Sauce 香脆土司配招牌蒜蓉奶油酱 - $3.50, Spicy Buffalo Drumlets 香辣小鸡腿 - $8.90

Here's what we had ordered altogether!

Our Full Order

Thank you Lao Niang Agency for the invite.

38 Margaret Drive, #01-02/03, Singapore 141038
Nearest Station: Queenstown (EW19)

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